Ninewa electricity decreases
"It's given to the protesting provinces."

Ahmed Zaidi - Ninewa The ministry of electricity has given a portion of Mosul city's public power to the protesting provinces, according to the deputy head of Ninewa Governorate Council. A primary demand of the protesting provinces in the south and the middle of Iraq is electricity, as the government fails to fulfil people's requirement on that front. The deputy head of Ninewa Governorate Council Nuradin Qablan told KirkukNow, "The Iraqi government decided to cut off 350 megawatts from Ninewa portion through the ministry of electricity." Such a move decreased Mosul's electricity hours drastically. Qablan criticised the government, "The ministry of electricity has failed to resolve the energy crisis, which led them to cut off Mosul's power to the protesting areas." The protesting provinces are Basra, Najaf, Maithan, Zi Qar, and some other cities in Iraq. So far, eight people have been killed and 56 wounded in the protests, according to the latest stats of the ministry of health. Ahmed Jalil, a resident of east Mosul, said the electricity "has become worse" while living conditions are yet to be addressed. Qablan also complains about the living conditions of Mosul, as the second biggest city in Iraq, the city has 31 administrative units and 16 IDP camps, "Mosul is a ruin, but the government reduces its electricity instead of providing better services."

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