“10% of votes to be manually recounted”
Parliament cancelled overseas and conditional votes

KirkukNow The Iraqi parliament decided to cancel the overseas and conditional votes and called on the electoral body to manually recount all the ballots throughout the country. The decision was made in an extraordinary session, held on 28 May, with 168 parliamentarians present. The session was on the request of some MPs to discuss the suspicions and troubles emerged following the last election, according to a statement by the Iraqi parliament speakership. The session was only advisory at first, as it could not reach the quorum to make such decisions, but later turned into an extraordinary meeting as other MPs turned up, the statement said. According to parliament’s decision, the relevant parties take different measures to retrieve people’s trust of elections, including a step to cancel the overseas polls, and the conditional voting (IDP voting) throughout all Iraqi provinces except Ninewa, including the votes from Salahadin and Anbar. The decision also commands that 10% of all votes should be recounted manually, and if a 25% difference emerged through the process, between the manual and electronic results, then the total of votes would be recounted manually in all provinces throughout the country. The decision also requests a copy of all the details of the election process, on individual candidate and blocs level, along with cancelling the results from those stations that their electronic SD RAM has been changed in Kirkuk and other stations in the disputed areas, to be later manually recounted. The Iraqi parliament has warned that if any party is revealed to have meddled with the election process, it will be tried in court and punished. The decision also supports and urges the ongoing investigation of the inquiry committee set up by the Ministers Council. Auditing throughout all evidence is advised as the resolution calls to cancel results immediately in case of proving fraud or a clear violation of the results in the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk. Some political entities in the Kurdistan region and Iraq are discontent with the results of the Iraqi parliamentary election, held on 12 May, and believe that fraud and playing with election results have been conducted, thus they ask for a manual recount, and some ask for repeating the process altogether. Late last week, the Iraqi Ministers Council decided to form a committee concerning the issues and violations of the election, and the committee decided to start its investigation on Monday 28 May with the Independent High Election Committee [IHEC] officials. Finally, IHEC warned the parties and political entities that 31 May is the last day for their appeals to the election results, and once again insisted on their non-bias and professionalism in their work. Despite considering the process as successful, they showed readiness to welcome any legal committee for investigation. The extraordinary session of parliament came following three failed attempts to hold a session, due not to reaching the quorum to do so.

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