After Rakan Saeed Elected
Kirkuk Awaits New Governor

Kirkuk - KirkukNow After Rakan Saeed was elected to be a member of Iraqi parliament, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] demands the position of governorship once again. Saeed secured a seat in the parliament by winning 10 thousand 433 votes through the Arab Alliance in Kirkuk. “We once against ask for that position. The position is PUK’s, and we could not retain it previously due to the boycott of KDP cadres on Brotherhood Bloc [Kurdish] of the Kirkuk Governorate Council sessions,” said deputy head of the PUK’s HQ in Kirkuk, Rawand Mala Mahmood. Rakan Saeed was posted as the acting governor of Kirkuk on 16 October 2017, through a decree of prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi, after the former governor Najmadeen Karim was dismissed. The Arab Alliance for Iraqi parliamentary elections of 12 May, of which Saeed was a parliamentary candidate, was the biggest alliance of Kirkuk province, consisted of 10 parties and political entities of the province. Saeed’s office rejected to have any information concerning whether he enters Iraqi parliament or withdraws. In 2014, although he secured enough votes to enter Iraqi parliament, Najmadeen Karim decided to withdraw and choose the governorship position. Governor of Kirkuk has been run by the Kurdish component since 2005, and the deputy governor from Arab component. However, when federal forces returned to Kirkuk and other disputed areas in 2017, the prime minister decided to designate Saeed as the acting governor.

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