IHEC staff lives under threat
Director of IHEC in Kirkuk left office

Kirkuk - KirkukNow The director of the Inedepent High Electoral Commission in Kirkuk, Imad Wali, has left his office due to the threats facing him and his employees, according to two sources who spoke to Kirkuk Now. An informed source about the IHEC in Kirkuk said, “Imad Wali has not worked since 13 May and left the office, and the employees are under the threat as the protesters and disgruntled people have surrounded the office of IHEC day and night.” Arabs and Turkmens have been protesting since the eve of the election, asking for a manual recount of the votes, and mounting pressure on the IHEC office in Kirkuk for that purpose. An official of IHEC in Kirkuk told KirkukNow, “Some of the IHEC employees run due procedures jointly at home or another office outside IHEC. Some of their locations are not known,” he added, “Last night, 14 May, a number of IHEC employees stayed at the office until late at night as they could not make it home. Later the Anti-Terrorism forces of Iraq brought them out through the back door of the building.”

Last night, 14 May, a number of IHEC employees stayed until late at night at the office and could not make it home
The source added, “Some of the employees have not returned to the office since 13 May as their lives are in danger.” The protesters have been in front of the Kirkuk office of IHEC for three consecutive days and accuse PUK of rigging the election systematically. While rejecting all accusations, PUK announced today Tuesday 15 May in a statement, that they will allow Kurdish people to protest in Kirkuk and accused some “armed militias” of threatening Kurdish component in the city. The new statement of PUK is calling the law enforcement forces to protect the security, after the tension that was formed due to the announcement of the preliminary results of the election.

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