Arab group claims election was rigged
PUK says parties aim at fomenting tension

Arab group in Kirkuk Governorate Council said the election was rigged and it may lead Kirkuk to an obscure situation, but PUK, which is accused often of ‘orchestrating’ the election, rejects the blame. “Arab component had the largest participation in the election in the province, but the results have been played with, which leads Kirkuk to an obscure situation,” said the Arab group in KGC in a protest statement, given in a press conference on 14 May. The statement further claims that the electronic system of the ballot has been rigged, and asks people and authorities to help them ‘retrieve their rights’. Iraqi parliamentary election of 12 May has created lots of tension between different parties, sometimes leading to armed tension. PUK is often accused by numerous parties of rigging the election through hacking the electronic system of the election, a claim that the party refuses entirely. Head of the PUK bloc in Kirkuk Rebwar Taha said in a press conference on 14 May, “Some parties and individuals try to foment chaos in Kirkuk,” through accusing PUK of rigging the elections, “We would like to ascertain that we do not compromise a single vote that is given to PUK,” meaning that they do not allow any changes to the number of their votes.   Taha rejects the claims of Turkmen and Arab leaders accusing PUK of orchestrating the election. He also said that PUK can counter-move their accusations through launching gatherings of thousands of people. However, he said that PUK 'complies with all IHEC decisions' whatever they might be "so long that the decision is to all Iraq". Taha said those who failed to try to compensate for their failure.  

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