Female candidate promise promoting peace to get vote in Kirkuk

Karawn Salihi-Kirkuk As a mean of electoral campaigns and reaching to the Iraqi parliament, female candidates in Kirkuk promise peace and coexistence to the people, and they think that the it is crucial to reestablish trust amongst the components of the city which they have historical background of coexistence. One third of the candidates in Kirkuk province for the upcoming election on May 12th are female, and beside promising better public services during their campaigns, they stress on women rights and promoting peace. Fayza Khatab, Nishtman coalition candidate in Kirkuk, says that her priority if she reach Iraqi parliament is to, “Encourage the spirit of coexistence and peace among the components of the city.” and this will be achieved through creating atmospheres for dialogues, gatherings, and conferences for the people if she has the chance to be elected by the people. She is doctor and one of her promises to get vote is to expand her medical center and treat children for free in future. Her medical center in Kirkuk is specialized to children treatments, and it has been open for five years, and she said, “If I win the election, I will try to expand my center, and instead of treating children solely, I will make it specialized for all the ages for free.” Whilst male candidates focus on eliminating terrorism and solving the issue of the disputed areas including Kirkuk based on the constitution, female candidates ceased the current problems in the city as their opportunities and electoral campaigns. Zhala Naftchy, Turkmen candidate in Nassir list led by Haidar Al Abadi, told KirkukNow, “Solving political and security issues are my priorities.” The disputed areas including Kirkuk has been experiencing political and security instability after the Kurdistan referendum and the evacuation of Peshmarga forces in these territories on October 16th, and Mrs. Zhala believes that the optimal way to solve these issues is through discussion and agreement by the components of the city. Mrs. Zhala also said, “I promise to implant peace and brotherhood amongst the components, to bring back the spirit of forgivingness, and if the ethnicities of Kirkuk are not united, it is impossible for one side to be able to provide public services.”

I promise to implant peace and brotherhood among the components.
about her plans in the Iraqi parliament to provide public services such as, water and electricity supply and road constructions which are the demands of Kirkuk people, she said, “The promise to implant peace is my priority, and public services is secondary.” Besides working on peace and coexistence among the components, Raja Hadi Neemi, Arab Coalition candidate in Kirkuk, aims to be the linkage between the people and government.
I promise to promote brotherhood among the components, and this will be through direct participation of the people in the discussions.
The role of women has improved in this election process in the disputed areas compared to the previous ones. Two lists are led by women, and other female candidates are confidently and noticeably participate in the electoral campaigns alongside the male candidates. Even though some of the female candidates are promising peace, and they stay away from the political issues, on the other hand, ethnic and political issues are some others’ main mottoes and plans. Parwin Fatih, PUK candidate in Kirkuk said, “I will work to give the security issue to the Police, not the other forces, and I will try to apply and execute the sub-articles of article 140.” Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution in which the claim over the disputed areas will be settled, was supposed to be applied by the end of 2007, but after the ISIS war in Iraq in 2014, the dossier has partially been neglected.    

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