IHEC examines the electronic voting instruments

KirkukNow After an experimental voting process in tens of voting centers in some Iraqi provinces, The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the success of the electronic voting instruments in counting and grouping the votes, on Monday. As it is mentioned in the IHEC statement, to make the process as real as possible, during the experiment, new biometric voter cards, Lists identification forms, and all other voting procedures were implemented to fully examine the instruments. The counting and grouping of the votes in the coming Iraqi parliament election on May 12th will be electronically and automatically done via these instruments. IHEC pointed out that experts and UN representatives were present during the whole process and the results were processed by the instruments and sent the data to the main center through satellites in only one hour. IHEC also used manual method of counting and grouping the votes to guarantee that the outcomes of the process are accurate, and both results were identical according to the announcement. IHEC decided to repeat the whole experimental process of examining the instruments one day before the elections.

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