IHEC Sets Ballot Boxes at Refugee Camps in Nineveh
800 Thousand out of Two Million Electoral Voter Cards given back to Refugees

Nineveh-KirkukNow IHEC administrator of Nineveh office announced that IHEC decided to set ballot boxes at 15 refugee camps in the province. He also said that out of two million refugee electoral voter cards, only 800 thousand have been distributed so far. Mohammad Hani Badrani, IHEC administrator of Nineveh office, told KirkukNow during an interview that around two million and 3oo thousand general, special, and refugee electoral voter cards were delivered from Baghdad to IHEC Nineveh office, and amongst these cards, 800 thousand cards are given back to the voters. Mr. Mohammad explained the situation of the refugees in the election process and said that ballot boxes will be provided to 15 refugee camps in the province, and those refugees who are officially registered by the Iraqi ministry of migration and displacement will be able to vote at these camps. The Islamic State attacks during the past few years resulted in the displacement of more than one million civilians of Nineveh. Due to the fact that the majority of the refugees have not returned to their homes, they will participate in the coming Iraqi parliament election at their camps.

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