IHEC penalizes 100 candidates and 25 lists with fine

KirkukNow The High Independent Electoral Commission (IHEC) announces that 100 candidates and 25 lists are penalized due to violation of electoral instructions and rules. On April 14th, Iraqi parliament electoral campaign started, and it is decided to continue until 24 hours before the election. Karim Tamimi, IHEC spokesman, announced on April 21st that IHEC issued to penalize over 100 candidates of some of the lists and coalitions alongside 25 more lists and coalitions. He also explained that IHEC issued some of the candidates, lists, and coalitions to pay fines due to violating the electoral instructions, and they are informed that if they repeat such acts, they will be dismissed from the election process. IHEC introduced the candidates and lists to the instructions and rules, and the penalties include paying fine and being dismissed from the process in worst scenarios. The spokesman of IHEC recommended the candidates and lists to cooperate with IHEC and follow the instructions and rules of the election process. Approximately seven thousand candidates through 88 lists and coalitions challenge over 329 seats for the coming Iraqi parliament election which is due to May 12th of this year.

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