Ten thousand people will be hired by IHEC in Kirkuk

Goran Baban-Kirkuknow The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) office in Kirkuk announced that they need to hire ten thousand employees as preparation for the coming election on 12th May. Abd-Al-Basit Darwesh, IHEC administrator of communication and media in Kirkuk, told Kirkuknow, “We need to hire ten thousand employees for the coming election as election observers on ballot boxes during the voting process.” 43 voting centers are set by Kirkuk’s IHEC office as preparation for the election. 25 centers are within the city, and 18 others are in districts and sub-districts of the province. Based on IHEC report, 2014 female candidates and five thousand male candidates will run for the coming Iraqi parliament election in Iraq. Mr. Darwesh previously has told Kirkuknow, “Those people who are from Kirkuk but they are resident in the cities of Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI), should return to Kirkuk in order to be able to vote because they will not be provided with ballot boxes specialized to them in these cities within KRI.” After 16th October development, thousands of families ran to KRI cities and became refugees there, but some of them have not returned to Kirkuk, yet. “Those who have the right to vote in Kirkuk have to return to Kirkuk in order to vote because these families are not registered as refugees by the Iraqi department of immigration and border protection; thereby they do not have the right to vote as refugees in other provinces except Kirkuk.”    

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