Over 2000 female candidates will stand for Iraqi parliament election

Kirkuknow According to the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq, 2014 female candidates alongside five thousands male candidates will compete for the coming Iraqi parliament election. In a statement, the commission has approved the candidates of the lists, and announced that after the audit, 6986 candidates, which 2014 of them are female, are left to run for the coming election. After the audit process by interior ministry, ministry of defense, ministry of education and higher education and other ministries and departments, the approval statement of the lists’ candidates was announced. Rizgar Hama Mhedin, deputy of the Independent High Electoral Commission, told Kirkuknow earlier that after the audit process, they will give 24 hours to the lists and political parties to replace those candidates who are not qualified. Based on the commission statement, 337 candidates went through the filtration and audit process. 220 candidates were replaced, 21 candidates were dismissed due to the approval of accusations, 96 were dismissed after inspections, 43 other were disqualified because they were in charge of duties in interior ministry, and two more were not allowed to run for the coming election because they were employees in the ministry of defense. Moreover, 35 candidates were dismissed due to lack of the official documents that were given to the commission that were needed for their audit processes, and 45 more candidates resigned. Those candidates who were approved by the commission will run for the coming Iraqi parliament election through 88 lists and alliances to compete over 329 seats on 12th May of this year.  

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