Seven million biometric voter cards are handed out to voters in Iraq

Kirkuknow Seven million biometric voter cards has been distributed in Iraq, and through their centers, they accurately observe the process to prevent any illegal dealing that might be committed with these cards, Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) says. Up to now, eleven million biometric voter cards are registered and completed, and only seven million cards have been doled out, but the rest will be distributed before the elections, Rizgar Hama Mhedin, chief deputy of the commission told Kirkuknow. The old electronic voter cards do not included the voters’ photo while the new biometric voter cards are registered by fingerprints and include the photo of the voters. Moreover, the commission has decided to let the voters to use their old cards to vote in the coming election. After the rumors that had been spread out in the Medias about the illegal dealings with these cards, the chief deputy of the commission said that we observe the process through our centers to prevent any dealing with these cards.

Kirkuk, 2014. Electronic voter crads sample for Iraqi parliament elections. Photo: Kirkuknow
In case if they have evidence on any candidate and citizens’ tendency to commit such illegal acts, the commission has already set a series of legal procedures to prosecute and punish those who will be willing to commit such crime, Mr. Rizgar said. He also said that one of the preventions is to dismiss those candidates from the election process who would be willing to commit such crime and if there would be proof on their accusation. Furthermore, the commission had announced a four points’ statement before, that they will prosecute and judge all those who tried or willing to deal with these cards illegally including the commission employees, political parties, lists, and voters. Last week, at his weekly journalism conference, Haidar Al-Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, defined these illegal dealings as crime, and he emphasized on it and said that they will punish anyone who will be willing to commit such act. More than 24 million citizens have the right to vote to elect and choose 329 candidates as their representatives of the Iraqi Council, in the next Iraqi parliament elections on 12th May.

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