Top 10 women parliamentary candidates with highest number of votes

KirkukNow Nine of the top 10 women candidates of 12 May 2018 Iraqi parliamentary election were from Kurdish (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) PUK and (Kurdistan Democratic Party) KDP. The Independent Higher Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the results of the election on 19 May, while scores of women made it to the parliament, some of them were through the quota system for women. The highest number of votes among women candidates went to Marching Onward candidate in Baghdad, Majida Abdul-Latif Muhammad. Among the top 10 women who collected the highest number of votes among, 9 of them were in Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Kirkuk and Duhok, five KDP candidates of KDP and four of PUK. KirkukNow releases the names and photos of the top 10 women candidates with the highest number of votes: 1. Majida Abdul-Latif Muhammad, 55,184 votes, Baghdad on Marching Onward (Saeeron) list 2. Jwan Ihsan Fawzi, 28,157 votes, Sulaimaniyah on PUK list 3. Bllesa Jabar Farman, 26,941 votes, Sulaimaniyah on PUK list 4. Hidar Zubeir Abdulla, 22,261, Erbil on KDP list 5. Viyan Sabri Abdulkhaliq, 21,479, Duhok on KDP list 6. Arazoo Mahmood Khidir, 18,608 votes, Sulaimaniyah on PUK list 7. Wasfiya Muhammad Sheikho, 18,101 votes, Duhok on KDP list 8. Dalya Farhad Hajji Muhammad, 15,203, Duhok on KDP list 9. Mayada Muhammad Ismael, 14,975, Erbil on KDP list 10. Almas Fazil Kamal, Kirkuk on PUK list

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