IHEC Is Concerned about Getting Votes Illegally

Kirkuk Now The independent high electoral commission of Iraq (IHEC) warned about getting votes illegally through trading off and buying civilians’ votes for the coming election of Council of Representatives of Iraq, and the Commission threatened to punish those who intend to commit such act. The warning of the commission came after some of reports of journalistic newspapers and NGOs that exposed the intention of some candidates and lists that participate in the next Iraqi election, and they try to get people’s votes through promising them with different privileges. The commission has said in a statement that the news of the medias are shams, and also speculated that the other part of the rumors is to insult the will of voters and the election process. According to the commission, these attempts are been made by people who want to trade off with electoral electronic cards. The commission gave clarification that they will legally fight back those who want to perform such act to prevent those who want to make money. Moreover, the commission has also emphasized on punishing those people who want to manipulate the election records and civilians’ electoral cards through legal procedures. Previous week, the Iraqi Vision published a report to Human Rights that in some Iraqi areas there are attempts to get votes illegally through buying people’s votes and will with a 100$ bribe per vote and different privileges in return of promises to vote for a particular side. Based on Vision’s report, besides giving money, through giving foods and other life necessities especially at some refugee camps, and people are motivated to vote for particular candidates and parties. Next Iraqi parliament election has been decided to be held on April 12th of this year. 88 lists and alliances are competing to get 329 seats that are divided on provinces and 24 million voters.  

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