Women make up 100% of the Candidates in a Political Party

Kurdistan Communist Party’s candidates are all consisted of women, and that according to the party’s leadership is to end both “Killing women” and law approvals according to Islam legitimacy. Last week, the above mentioned party presented a list of five candidates to the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq (IHEC) in Sulaimanyah to participate in the Parliament of Iraq elections on May 12, and all the five candidates are women. “My party chose me so that I demand constitutional rights of Kurdistan Region’s people in Iraqi parliament. We will work on doing all the works that the Kurdish MPs could not do. We want to depend on secularism and return women and people’s rights in legislations” Said Shler Rashid a 56 year-old candidate. Kurdistan Communist Party is the oldest party in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and none of their representatives made it to the Iraqi Parliament in the previous elections.

Erbil May. 25. 2013 protest of the Communist Party followers who asked for having a Kirkuk province representative in Kurdistan Parliament.
Abu Karwan a member of the Communist Political Bureau told Kirkuk Now “we intend to send women and the active members to the Iraqi Parliament in order to terminate killing women; this is why all of our candidates are women”. “I believe that female politicians can do what the male politicians cannot do. And I wish we can get a large number of voters in this coming elections” said Abu Karwan. Kawa Mahmood the Party’s Secretary told Kirkuk now “part of our policy is to allow women to participate whenever possible and let them compete in the decision making area”.

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