Iraqi President Approves Elections Law Amendment

KirkukNow   In a statement, Iraq presidency’s media office announced the president, Fuad Masum, ratified the first amendment of Iraqi parliamentary Election Law no. 45 of 2013 on Wednesday January 14, 2018. The statement added: “this law that parliament voted on earlier, that is based on the constitution item (1) of article (61) and item (3) of article (73), was legislated in order to have elections that are fair, transparent and inclusive of a board spectrum of Iraq society to participate in the elections to promote democratic process.” The statement also indicated: “this law was sent to be published in the official newspaper.” Iraqi parliament on January 22, 2017 voted to hold general elections in its due time May 12, 2018. It also obliged the government on certain procedures related to the election; most importantly is: guarantee the inclusion of all people in the elections by transferring ballot boxes to provinces where IDPs are displaced in. Iraqi Federal Court obligated relevant authorities to held parliamentary and provincial elections on their due time on May 12, 2018 and reject suggestions to delay them. The parliament consists of 328 seats allocated for all provinces according to their population and 8-quota seat assigned for monitories. Elections will be held in different electoral areas and the total of voters is over 24 millions.

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