Yusuf Mohammed Heads “Coalition of Homeland” List

KirkukNow Former Kurdistan parliament speaker, Yusuf Mohammed leads “Coalition of Homeland”, a joint list of three political Kurdish political parties in “disputed areas” of Ninavah, Kirkuk, Salahaddin and Diyala provinces. Movement for Change (Gorran) official said to KirkukNow “all three political parties: Movement for Change, Kurdistan Islamic Group and Coalition for Democracy and Justice agreed to appoint Yusuf Mohammed as the leader of Coalition of Homeland and he accepted the offer”. He added “Yusuf Mohammed will not be the leader of the list, but rather the leader of the bloc, and these are two different things… despite we, to some extent, are with Yusuf Mohammed to be the leader of the list as the number one candidate of the coalition for Iraqi parliament, but he has not decided yet and all the different parties are in negotiations”. January 11, 2018 the three parties: Movement for Change (Gorran), Kurdistan Islamic Group and Coalition for Democracy and Justice- Barham salih (former deputy secretary general of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan)- agreed on forming a joint list to participate in the coming Iraqi parliament elections in: Ninavah, Kirkuk, Salahaddin and Diyala provinces that are disputed areas between Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi Government. Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq (40 years) on December 26, 2017 resigned as Kurdistan parliament speaker as a member of the Movement of Change (Gorran) was assigned to that post, but his resignation is not accepted yet by Kurdistan parliament. Yusuf Mohammed has MA in International Politics and PhD in Philosophy in Political Sciences.

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