Attempts to raid ballot warehouses in Kirkuk failed

Two consecutive explosions targeted the ballot warehouses of Kirkuk on 1 July, in what an official called it a ‘failed attempt’ to raid the warehouses. Major-General Maan Saadi, the Law-enforcement commander in Kirkuk confirmed the news claiming they repelled a raid by “a car bomb” to enter the ballot warehouses. In a statement, Saadi said, “A terrorist tried to enter the ballot boxes warehouses with a car bomb, but he was prevented.” Several members of the security forces were wounded in the attack. Another explosion followed when a planted bomb went off nearby, on Baghdad-Kirkuk road near Hajji Sabriya mosque. The exact toll from the explosions is yet to be announced. However, reports claim the death of a member of the Iraqi High Electoral Commission (IHEC) which is yet to be verified. The authorities are yet to comment on the responsible party for the attacks. [gallery ids="22723,22724"] Kirkuk was a hotspot of election protests, where some components of the city claimed that other parties, especially the pro-Kurdish Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, was involved in rigging the election results. The development followed a statement by the Kirkuk security forces claiming that the situation is calm in the city last week.

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