Conditions for Hundreds of journalists dire in Iraq
If journalists are the voice of the voiceless, who would give them a voice?

Ma’az Farhan “Month after month their salaries were reduced under an imposed salary-saving system, until they finally told them they should work voluntarily”, said the former cameraman of Huna Baghdad satellite channel which owes him 7 million Iraqi dinars (approximately US$ 6000). After he gave…

Nadia Murad brings smile to Ezidi women’s faces

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa “These are the tears of joy”, said Inas Abdullah an Ezidi young woman who survived ISIS terror, as she heard the news of Nadia Murad’s winning of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. Inas and her mother are now living in Sharia IDPs…

First Christian to return to Mosul’s Old City calls for rebuilding churches to urge return of displaced Christians

Ali Ayad- Ninewa In one of the narrow alleys of Mosul’s Old City, amid the rubble of destroyed buildings, passers-by can spot a wooden door with two Cross symbols drawn on both sides of the door, and soon realize that it is the house of…

Shirin turns her tragedies into hope and triumph

Zhino Khalil- Garmian It was a difficult path which Shirin decided to take. Surrounded by pain and melancholies, yet she overcame all the tragedies she faced in her life, and now she is pursuing hers and other oppressed people’s rights.  What distinguishes Shirin Amin from…


House divided
Kurds head to Baghdad apart

Iraq, September 2017, A child riding his bike with the flag of Kurdistan region. Photo: Reuters

Maaz Farhan – KirkukNow Seven political parties, three alliances, enter discussions to form the Iraqi government, without a unified agenda on their demands, including the…


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