13 Young Women Wish To Report “Untold Stories”

Sulaymaniyah – KirkukNow “I wish to report the sad stories, to show the pictures previously unseen by the world.” Safia Mahir, 27, who lives in Mosul also said “the Islamic State (ISIS) took my life, it took away my son, I want that injustice to…

IDPs Shelter in Khanaqin’s Orphaned Church

Hawre Azad The only church in Khanaqin, which for tens of years now is housing displaced people, enforces Christians living in there to head to other places in Kurdistan Region at times of festivals and celebration as their sole choice. Bashara church, that is located…

Tuz Khurmatu IDPs Long to Return Home

Laila Ahmed- Kirkuk Now “God, I wish to go back to Tuz Khurmatu, for peace to prevail and violence to end, I do not want to see my children die” Suhaila Ahmed (52 years) she repeated this prayer in a desolate voice raising her hands…

Children of ISIS: Stuck in Legal Limbo

Karwan Salhi The Islamic State (ISIS) militants have left behind hundreds of children in Iraq with no identifications and their surviving families are facing an uncertain future. Halawa Omar, 28, the surviving wife of her cousin, an ISIS militant from Hawijah with two children that…


Will Kurdistan referendum achieve its objective in disputed territories? 

Shorsh Khalid Masoud Barzani alongside several representatives of other political parties announced on 7th of June that a referendum for independence will be held on…


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