outside kirkuk Safa’a al-Musawi Independent High Electoral Commission spokesman, photo: IHEC web site

IHEC fines five entities, Al-jubouri excluded »

Because of the campaign regulation violations Mish’an al-Jubouri has been excluded from the election for the Iraqi Council of Representatives. The official spokesman of the board of the commissioners, Safa’a…

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A photo published on facebook, photo: from facebook

Female Candidate Posters Violated »

  Photos of young men kissing the posters of some beautiful female candidates have been posted on facebook since the election campaigns started. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs has become…

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Drawings bring Kakaee back to Kirkuk »

Kakaee’s drawings from Belgium onto a wall in Kirkuk, photo: Karwan As-salihi

The plastic artist Hussein Kakaee came back from Belgium to Kirkuk with fifty pieces to present in a show. The…

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Photo Story: Easter holidays in Kirkuk »


The Holiest Jesus Heart church held special services on Easter Sunday, which is the largest feast for Christians. They celebrate…

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PUK provides voters with false information »

Electoral campaigning in Kirkuk, photo: Karwan As-salihi

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the head of their list gave false information to the voters. The other…

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Party Supporters Dye the Water Fountains of Kirkuk »

Another fountain water that varies between red and orange, photo: Karwan As-salihi.

Some Kurdish parties in Kirkuk have dyed the water in the fountains with the color that symbolizes their political party…

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Parwin, from jail to humanitarian relief »

Parwin among some toys she collected for children, Photo: Parwin NGO

After the execution of four of her brothers, her imprisonment, and the displacing of her and her sisters from the city of Kirkuk by the former regime of Iraq, Parwin started an NGO in the Netherlands through which she collects humanitarian aid for the families…

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Anfal, unhealed wound »

The Anfalized kin demand the capture of the consultants

On the twenty sixth anniversary of the Anfal operations against the Kurdish people, voices of protest rose against the Minister of the Martyrs and the Anfal Affairs (MOMAA). The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has not been able to heal the wounds of the Anfal relatives…

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Half an hour of heated campaigning »

Along with the sunset, the clapping of weapons and shooting mingled with horn honking, tires squeaking and the shoutings of the campaigners, arises the likelihood of clashes in the unstable street although it was one of the quietest streets in Kirkuk until a few days…

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Kirkuk Oil Fields need Contracts with Foreign Companies »

Oil expert; Ahmed Musa Jiyad, photo

The reason behind the lack of major surges in the oil production is because foreign oil companies have been prohibited from signing contracts with oil…

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Currency currency

Kirkuk Now provides currency exchange rate service on the daily basis. Tweet…

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Transportation transportstion

Kirkuk Now will publish the transportation cost from and to Kirkuk:  Tweet…

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Gold price gold

To know about the price of gold in Kirkuk, visit Kirkuk Now every day Tweet…

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Opinion Lateef Fatih Faraj

‘Blood for blood’ an ignorant statement

  Before talking about Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s declaration, I wonder about America and its embassy’s quick and hasty statement that called on ‘the government of Iraq… to hold the perpetrator of this criminal act accountable.’…

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