outside kirkuk An Iraqi Cabinet Meeting, photo: Agencies

Cancellation of RCC Decisions Ratified »

Khairollah Hassan, the minister of trade, declared that the Ministers’ Council approved by a majority in anticipation of a legislative project for the abolition of the Revolutionary Command Council, RCC…

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A scene from the press conference of IHEC, photo: IHEC public relations

IHEC announces electoral results »

The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in Iraq will announce the preliminary results of the parliament elections on Monday. The IHEC held a press conference with the chief commissioner of…

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400 of Shia Turkmen Women are Still in ISIS Captivity »

Up to 400 Shia Turkmen women who were captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) militants during their assault on Tel…

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English Service is temporarily suspended due to financial difficulties. »


English Service is temporarily suspended due to financial difficulties. Kirkuknow…

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Shia Started its Fight with ISIS »


The Shi’ite armed groups started fighting with ISIS in Kirkuk. There has been deaths and injuries on both sides. The…

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Adil Murad: Article 140 Has Not Been Implemented »


The Secretary of the Central Council of the PUK party talked about the security situation and the fight between ISIS,…

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Hawija, The Longest Night to Freedom »

Naziha spreading the smoke of her cigarette freely. Photo: Karwan Salhi

“Oh cigarette… today I was able to marry the cigarette again” Naziha Mahmmud, who is above sixty years old. She was spreading the dark smoke of her cigarette in the air as rapidly as she could, in order to forget the unpleasant night in which…

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Kirkuk ‘Messi’ dreams of Holland »

He maneuvers the ball in the same way as Messi does, photo: Wurya Sayid Wahab

The way he catches the ball, forwards and rejoices after scoring goals reminds everyone of Messi. It seems the Kirkuki Messi will be a future world football star that will shine brighter than the star of Barcelona and Argentina. He will shine for the whole…

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Kirkuk seats; electoral or compromise »

A slogan opposing neighboring countries’ intervention and distribution of posts according to 2010 elections: photo, Karwan As-salihi

The political parties in Kirkuk deny that attempts have been made to distribute the seats of Kirkuk for the Iraqi parliament. Rumors have spread throughout the province that interests from outside Iraq interfered with the election. Along with the rumors, a seven-meter long poster has…

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Kaka’ee… marginalized minority »

Liza Falakadin Kaka'ee, photo: from facebook

Many religious and ethnic minorities live in Iraq, but the Kaka’ee are the least known of all of them. Liza Falakadin Kaka’ee talks in detail…

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Currency currency

Kirkuk Now provides currency exchange rate service on the daily basis.…

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Transportation transportstion

Kirkuk Now will publish the transportation cost from and to Kirkuk: …

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Gold price سوق-الصاغة-في-کرکوك

Gold Price and Dollar Exchange Rate Are Rising

According to the Commercial Control Directorate in Sulaymaniyah, the price of gold and the dollar exchange rate are rising. The Commercial Control Directorate in Sulaymaniyah announced on Monday, June 23rdthat the price of gold and the…

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Opinion Friedman_New-articleInline

5 Principles for Iraq

THE disintegration of Iraq and Syria is upending an order that has defined the Middle East for a century. It is a huge event, and we as a country need to think very carefully about how…

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