Liquor Shop Unifies Tuz Kurmatu Components

Salahuddin- KirkukNow Opening a liquor shop to sell alcohol in Tuz Khurmatu has unified the different components to stop its opening at a time these components disagree on majority of issues, including: power-sharing, IDPs and running Tuz Khurmatu district. Attempts of a Christina merchant have…

Two Signs Provoke Controversy at Kirkuk University

Firas al-Hamdani “Different ethnicities study in the university, it is better to placed signs in Kirkuk’s different languages, and all should be deemed equally.” This was Ja’far Najim, a 23 years old student at Kirkuk University said commenting on 2 college signs written in one…

13 Young Women Wish To Report “Untold Stories”

Sulaymaniyah – KirkukNow “I wish to report the sad stories, to show the pictures previously unseen by the world.” Safia Mahir, 27, who lives in Mosul also said “the Islamic State (ISIS) took my life, it took away my son, I want that injustice to…

IDPs Shelter in Khanaqin’s Orphaned Church

Hawre Azad The only church in Khanaqin, which for tens of years now is housing displaced people, enforces Christians living in there to head to other places in Kurdistan Region at times of festivals and celebration as their sole choice. Bashara church, that is located…


Economic Desertification of the Disputed Areas

From the Sunni Dictatorship and the Shia Chaotic Democracy to a Kurdish Nationalistic Perspective Sangar R. Mahmood In the past 50 years, for the Kurds,…


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