Nine explosions wound 11 civilians in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, 18 July 2018, the damage of a planted bomb on Baghdad Road in Kirkuk

Kirkuk – KirkukNow 11 civilians, including two children, were wounded due to nine explosions in Kirkuk city, security source told KirkukNow. A series of explosions hit Kirkuk after 21:00 on 18 July. Bombs and some different forms of weaponry were used. Although a number of people were wounded, no fatalities were reported. Spokesman of the […]

Woman protests alone in Khanaqin

Akhlas Majid decided to start a protest alone on 16 July against the shortage of basic services. Photo: Hawre Azad

Hawre Azad – Diyala A female activist started to protest alone in Kahanqin, against the shortage of basic services in the town, calling on other people to join her. Akhals Majid headed to the town’s main square on 16 July, to voice her discontent against the shortage of the public electricity and drinking water. She […]

Internet shut down hurt media outlets

KirkukNow news website could not cover the developments of the disputed areas efficently due to the lack of connectivity

Narin Rostam Journalists and media outlets could not perform their task efficently once the internet shutdown occured in the disputed areas. From mid-14 July to 18 the internet access was no longer available in many areas, as the social media websites were blocked in all Iraq, including the Kurdistan region. The blockade was at a […]

What is happening in Iraq?
Protests grow without new parliament

Baghdad, 30 June 2018, the last advisory session of the third tenure of the Iraqi parliament. Photo: Parliament media

  KirkukNow As parliament’s tenure has expired, the Iraqi government cannot be monitored, while the country suffers from complications without any new legislation. The parliament’s tenure, per the instructions of the constitution, ended in July 2018, while the new parliament’s mandate is yet to begin due to the delay in approving election results. The manual […]

Spectre of hemorrhagic fever leaves Mosul

Ninewa, October 2017, Mosul City. Photo: Omer Majid / KirkukNow

Ahmed Zaidi – Ninewa After a week of closure, the administration of Mosul decided to allow re-opening meat shops under the supervision of health department. In the mid of last week, meat shops were closed down in Ninewa province due to the Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever as some cases of the illness were recorded in Ninewa. […]

No internet in disputed areas
Social Media blocked in Iraq and Kurdistan Region

Basra, 12 July 2018, discontent protestors fire tires in the gate of the city. Photo: Reuters

KirkukNow The access to the internet is blocked in Kirkuk and other disputed areas, while only Social media has been blocked in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. KirkukNow learnt that no internet service is providing the internet in Kirkuk, Mosul, Diyala, Salahadin and some other provinces of Iraq, along with telecommunication companies as well. The […]

One year after liberation, Mosul suffers from war residue

Mosul, 4 March 2017, children from the Tayaran neighbourhood stand with toy guns. Photo: Fazil Hawrami

Hind Ahmed – Ninewa One year passed since the Islamic State (ISIS) was ousted in Mosul, but the city suffers from the residue of war in the form of debris, unburied bodies and lack of essential services. Last year in July, the Iraqi forces could end ISIS in Mosul, as they took over the city […]

Success story
From hobby to business

Tavga Tahseen has recently started a shop to exhibit and sell her craft

Narin Rostam – KirkukNow Tavga Tahseen never leaves a country empty-handed, always collecting various gems and stones she could have to use them in her craft as a jeweller. It has been her longing for 30 years, as she recently considered opening a place to exhibit and sell her craft in the form of necklaces […]

Calling for temporary quota
Yazidis seek five seats in Kurdish parliament

Lalish, April 2018, the Red Wednesday ceremony of Yazidi component. Photo: Heman Baban

KirkukNow Prominent figures of the Yazidi component seek five seats in the Kurdish parliament for the upcoming election, as a “temporary measure” until the implementation article 140 of the Iraqi constitution which deals with the administration of the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad. For that purpose, the prominent figures of Yazidis have formed a […]

PUK in Kirkuk: Our votes increased, our seats remain the same

Kirkuk, July 2018, The manual recount of votes for the 12 May parliamentary election. Photo: KirkukNow

Karwan Salhi – KirkukNow After 25% of the ballots were manually recounted in Kirkuk province, the embattled Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) claims vote increase and retaining the same number of seats. Most of the Kurdish and non-Kurdish political parties claimed that PUK rigged the election results in the province, hence asking for a manual […]

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