Mandali: Two Civilians Found Dead and Five Police officers are Killed

Hawre Azad- Diyala Two dead bodies are found in Mandali sub-district after two days of being kidnapped, and five police officers were killed in an ambush by a number of armed people in the same sub-district. The incidents took place on March 14, and the sub-district administrative blames the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and […]

Foreign Workers Demand Their Rights
600 Tons of Garbage Accumulates on Kirkuk Streets

Ibrahim Ali- Kirkuk The city of Kirkuk has been suffering from the accumulation of garbage and dirt in the streets and squares of the city since the beginning of March. This is because Kirkuk’s administration announced assigning the city municipality for cleaning the city, and the company responsible for cleaning suspended their works. According to […]

Kurds Celebrate Nawroz and Raise Kurdistan Flag

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk The Kurdish political parties decided to celebrate Kurdish New Year (Nawroz) altogether with people by raising Kurdistan flag and lightning fire. The decision was made in a meeting of the politicians in Kirkuk on Tuesday, 13-3, in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) official bureau. Sheikh Sidiq Ahmed, a politician in the […]

ISIS Burns a Family from Kirkuk
One of the Victims is a Pregnant Woman

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk Now The so-called Islamic State (IS) burns all the member of a family after shooting them in their car between Daquq and Tuz Khurmatu district road. The incident took place on Sunday night of March 11. The family was on their way to Hillah from Kirkuk and they were ambushed by IS […]

One Tree for Halabja and Another for Ghouta

Activists launch a planting campaign across the world to honor the memory of Halabja in Iraq and Ghouta in Syria, to remember the victims of both crimes. The campaign is concurrent with the 30th year anniversary of Halabja chemical attack at the same time the 5th anniversary of Ghouta chemical attack in Syria. One tree […]

Love Breaks the Barriers
Different Marriage Between Two Components in Kirkuk

Firas Al-Hamdani/ Kirkuk “I am a Turkoman from Kirkuk and I chose a Kurdish lady from my city based on our sincere feelings. We in Kirkuk are one family and the whole world knows that there is no difference between Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, and Christians. Kirkuk will remain the city of love, brotherhood and peace” […]

Al-Hashd al-Shaabi Launches Military Operations in South-West of Kirkuk

Kirkuk Now Al-Hashd al-Shaabi announced the launch of large-scale military operations to hunt down the militants of the Islamic State organization (IS) in the villages of Riyadh district, southwest of Kirkuk. “Al-Hashd al-Shaabi has launched large-scale military operations in the villages of the Riyadh district to hunt down armed militants,” the official spokesman for the […]

Katiba Returned
Determination on Coming Back was Stronger

  Muhannad Sinjari “I cannot believe that I came back home, and I convince myself that what happened was a dream, and although we faced many hardships, but the determination to go back home was stronger.” This is how Katiba Hassan Khalaf describes coming back home. After three years of displacement, in late 2017,  Katiba […]

Women are Discontent with their Status

Soran Muhammad The new political phase in Iraq and Kurdistan is a new challenge to women; they have more roles and prominence, but it is still not enough. Women stepping up, especially in leadership, has definitive role in some of the political parties. Women consider The International Women’s day on March 8 an opportunity to […]

Men Reject One Day for Women

Narin Rostam Byar Rshid 32 years old, is one different husband in the neighborhood, he starts off his morning by washing the dishes, making the house smell nice, playing a piece of music, and last but not least, cooking for his wife. When Byar’s wife (Sarah Hama Salih- 25 years old) comes home from college, […]

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