Haydar Shasho: Yazidis should run their own affairs in Sinjar

Farman Sadeq Haydar Shasho a prominent Yazidi commander in Sinjar proposes a designated province for the Yazidis in an exclusive interview with Kirkuknow and warns about the increasing number of armed forces in the ancestral homeland of this persecuted minority. Shasho who recently established Yazidi Democratic Party to demand their political rights says that following […]

Kurds have three conditions for Turkmens to raise their flag on Kirkuk government buildings

Karwan Salehi The Kurdish parties in Kirkuk agree to accept Turkmen flag alongside Kurdish and Iraqi flag at all government buildings if the Turkmens agree with holding referendum, voting for the provincial council election and execution of the Article 140 of Iraqi Constitution. Earlier this month, Kurdish parties visited the Turkmen sides to discuss the […]

Two thousand complaints mostly from women lodged at Hasan Sham camp

Farman sadiq Two thousand complaints have been lodged at Hasan Sham IDP camp within only seven months and most were from women. Binar Duski the head of Complaints Division at Hasan Sham camp says in an interview with KirkukNow most issues that concern the internal displaced persons at the camp are of social nature. “Within […]

Security Forces in Kirkuk prepare to liberate Hawijah

Different sections of Iraqi security forces in Kirkuk have provided a detailed report to Prime Minister Haydar Abadi about the operation to retake Hawijah following a wide ranging meeting on Sunday. The meeting was convened at the request of Prime Minister Abadi on Sunday (May 21) and chaired by General Khatab Omar the head of […]

In Mosul, hunger forces people to hunt street cats

Kirkuknow As hunger grows in west Mosul, some residents are hunting street cats and birds in order to survive the conflict that has raged for over seven months. “When there was nothing left to eat… my father would use a net to catch birds on the roof for us to eat,” four year old Balsem […]

Islamic State executes civilians in Hawijah 

Islamic State has executed tens of civilians in Hawijah and Shirqat on charges of spying and fleeing the Caliphate. According to a report from Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, 24 people were executed last month in Hawijah in Kirkuk province and the left side of Shirqat area in Salahaddin province which is still under Isis […]

A bloody year for journalists in Iraq

Ahmad Mohammad Iraq stayed a dangerous place for journalists over the last year with reported 11 deaths and 44 injuries to media workers. The third of May is recognised as the World Press Freedom Day and most of the Middle Eastern countries have ranked lower than last year amongst 180 countries according to the Reporters […]

Iraq Oil Ministry: PUK move on North oil Company was political

Farman Sadeq The Oil Ministry’s spokesperson Assim Jihad says the deployment of the “Black Force” of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to the North Oil Company (NOC) was for political party interests and would have an impact on the level of production and damage the ongoing projects. “The disputes will not be resolved through […]

Yazidi fighters are taking part in PMU operation in west Mosul

  Mohanad Sinjari A Yazidi force is taking part in an operation which started on Friday by the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) to clear the Qayrawan and Baa’j area in south of Sinjar district . The operation codenamed “Mohammad Prophet of Allah-2) is an important step by the PMU to clear the area south of […]

Volunteers in Kirkuk Announce a Campaign to Plant 100,000 Trees

A number of volunteers started a campaign in Kirkuk seeking to plant 100,000 trees a year to increase greenery in the city. The campaign titled “Breathe” was announced on May 13th in attendance of volunteers, environmentalists and some public figures to combat pollution in the city. Mohammed Habib, one of the supervisors of the campaign, […]

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