Photo: Another IDP Group from Hawija Returns

PhotoStory: Karwan Salihi 1500 IDPS have made their way to their home areas leaving the camps on Tuesday January 16, 2018. They represent the households of 250 families who departed Laylan Camp (3), southeast Kirkuk, returning to Hawija district, 55 km southwest Kirkuk, upon their request and through a security form.

13 Young Women Wish To Report “Untold Stories”

Sulaymaniyah – KirkukNow “I wish to report the sad stories, to show the pictures previously unseen by the world.” Safia Mahir, 27, who lives in Mosul also said “the Islamic State (ISIS) took my life, it took away my son, I want that injustice to be revealed”. Safia is one of the trainees attended a […]

Yusuf Mohammed Heads “Coalition of Homeland” List

KirkukNow Former Kurdistan parliament speaker, Yusuf Mohammed leads “Coalition of Homeland”, a joint list of three political Kurdish political parties in “disputed areas” of Ninavah, Kirkuk, Salahaddin and Diyala provinces. Movement for Change (Gorran) official said to KirkukNow “all three political parties: Movement for Change, Kurdistan Islamic Group and Coalition for Democracy and Justice agreed […]

Disease Infects More Than 700 People in Sadiya and Khanaqin

Hawre Azad In Sadiya and Khanaqin IDP camps, a skin disease is spread and more than 700 people infected and that is due to the polluted environment and not spreading insecticides. Cuntaneous leishmaniasis (oriental sore or tropical sore) is also knows as Baghdad boil in the past few days has spread in different areas in […]

Investigation of Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu Security Personnel Annulled, Iraqi MP

Kirkuk Now   Shakhawan Abdulla, an Iraqi parliament, announced they had stopped the investigation process of personel and officers in Kirkuk and Tuz Khutmatu security branches, and the transferring of a number of policemen was annulled. With the return of Iraqi forces for the disputed areas, a large number of employees and officers were investigated […]

Kurdish Parties Endeavour to Form Coalition for 2018 Elections

Soran Mohammed- Kirkuk The Kurdish parties have increased their efforts to form a coalition that includes all the Kurdish fractions and parties to stand for the upcoming parliamentary elections as one constituent to retain their former status in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. The Kurdish parties hold a meeting on Sunday 7/1 to confer the elections […]

Success Story: How Rita Soothes Psychological Status of Her ISIS Survivors?

Ninawa: Kirkuk Now ’’I wish we were neighbours and I would see you every morning’’ a Yizidi girl that has survived ISIS has addressed her social worker Rita Behnam who replies saying ’’you are my little sister, and I will always be by your side’’. Rita who is a social worker in IDPs camp in […]

Kirkuk Police Warns of Plot Targeting Senior Officials

Kirkuk: Kirkuk Now Kirkuk Police warns of a ’’plan to assassin 18 Kirkuk officials’’ to all the security branches of the province that has the governor, 5 MPs and a number of high-security officials among them. The warning was included in a letter issued by brigadier general Omer Khatab, the general commander of Kirkuk Police, […]

Mosul Kidnapped Journalist “I was Tortured by Governor Order”

The journalist who was kidnapped in Mosul last week, who was arrested and tortured by an order from the governor of Mosul, has left the city after being freed. Journalist Mohammed Amin Hamdani was asked by Nawfal al- Sultan ( the governor of Mosul) to come to the governorate building on Tuesday December 19. The […]

Three Bodies Found and Several Fighters Killed in Kirkuk

Kirkuk Now In a military operation by the Iraqi forces some ISIS fighters were killed at the borders of Kirkuk province and the bodies of three people were found, those three people were kidnapped 20 days ago.   Those three people are: Hiwa Galori, Kosrat and Faryad who are residents of a Kani village in […]

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