Assisting Iraq minorities
US has played an important role in reopening strategic roads in Ninawa Plains

Karwan Salhi- Erbil The U.S. Special Representative for Minority Assistance Programs in Iraq Max Primorac has emphasized the efforts made by the US to help displaced Iraqi minorities return to their homes. Meeting representatives of a number of Iraqi media outlets including (KirkukNow) at the office of the US general consulate in Erbil on October […]

After an 11-day power outage, electricity returns to Hawija

KirkukNow Electricity has returned to Kirkuk’s southwestern district of Hawija and its surrounding areas, 11 days after electric power utility towers were blown up by terrorists, causing power outage in the area. Ra’ad al-Jiburi, head of the Hawija directorate of electricity told (KirkukNow) that their teams “managed to repair a utility tower last night, which […]

Hayam: An Ezidi girl who mysteriously ended her own life

Ammar Aziz- KirkukNow In a cold late evening of autumn, Hayam Elias, who lived in an IDP camp near Duhok, took her own life, adding to the suffering of her displaced family which went through horrible tragedies at the hands of ISIS terror group. Hayam, 17, was from Grzark, a village associated with Gr Ozer […]

Iraqi government forms a committee to review the 2019 draft budget

KirkukNow The Iraqi government has formed a special committee tasked with reviewing the draft law of the 2019 federal budget, according to a statement issued on Sunday Nov. 11. The committee which is headed by finance minister Fu’ad Hussein has been granted full authority to amend the draft law. The council of ministers has assigned […]

Power shortages set back return of Hawija IDPs

KirkukNow The town of Hawija, 55 km southwest of Kirkuk province has been without electricity for more than 10 days, after ISIS militants sabotaged utility towers in al-Siha village in the town’s environs. Hawija officials have expressed concern about the frequent attacks targeting this crucial sector, calling for a swift solution to the problem, which […]

Commander of law enforcement operations in Kirkuk says handling the province’s security harder compared to field battles

KirkukNow Major General Ma’an al-Sa’adi, commander of law enforcement operations in Kirkuk said, “dealing with the security dossier of the province is more complicated and more difficult” compared to the battles the Iraqi forces fought in Mosul, Tikrit and other Iraqi cities.  The Iraqi commander referred to the arrest of a 27-member sleeper cell on […]

Iraqi parliament to discuss the issue of the country’s upcoming provincial elections

KirkukNow The Iraqi parliament is to convene on Saturday November 10th, to discuss a range of topics. Including the upcoming provincial elections scheduled for December 22, 2018.  The date for holding the elections was set by the council of ministers after it was committed by the parliament in its February 2, 2018 session to a […]

Success Story
Khame Barakat: From surviving ISIS brutality to party leadership

Soran Muhammad- Ninawa For Khame, the struggle to gain her freedom is much more important than freedom itself; therefore she didn’t give up until she escaped the hell of ISIS terrorist group.  This Ezidi girl, after spending years far away from home, employed all the suffering and pain she went through to achieve her ambitions. […]

The lasting legacy of war
Unexploded ordnance still pose grave threat to residents in Tala’far

Ja’far Tala’fari- Ninawa Ali and Hussein were two close friends in their 20s. They used to sell scrap metals they collected from public trash sites to cover the basic need of their families. A few days ago, death was lurking around the corner when a bomb exploded at their feet in a site near an […]

“My only wish is to be able to write my name”
Mandali elderly in a race against time to learn

KirkukNow- Diyala “My only wish before I die is to be able to write my name”, said Abu Subhi, a 60-year-old man, who dropped out of school when he was 10. Now, he is attending classes at an illiteracy eradication center in Diyala’s Mandali’s sub-district. In a humble classroom, dozens of learners most of them […]

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