Story of Murder and Rape of 5 Year-old

Azzam Humam, 5 years old, was raped by two teens in the neighbourhood, and later died.

Karwan Salhi – Kirkuk His parents knew Azzam Humam Bayati, 5 years old, went to the mosque to pray the evening prayer in Kirkuk’s Wasit neighborhood, but his corpse arrived two hours later. According to his family and police investigation, two people have been arrested on the charge of rape and murder of Azzam, and […]

After Rakan Saeed Elected
Kirkuk Awaits New Governor

Rakan Saeed al-Jabouri, acting Kirkuk governor. Photo: KirkukNow exclusive

Kirkuk – KirkukNow After Rakan Saeed was elected to be a member of Iraqi parliament, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] demands the position of governorship once again. Saeed secured a seat in the parliament by winning 10 thousand 433 votes through the Arab Alliance in Kirkuk. “We once against ask for that position. The […]

IHEC staff lives under threat
Director of IHEC in Kirkuk left office

Kirkuk, the centre where votes were counted in the Iraqi parliamentary elections of April 2014. Photo: Karwan Salhi

Kirkuk – KirkukNow The director of the Inedepent High Electoral Commission in Kirkuk, Imad Wali, has left his office due to the threats facing him and his employees, according to two sources who spoke to Kirkuk Now. An informed source about the IHEC in Kirkuk said, “Imad Wali has not worked since 13 May and […]

Arab group claims election was rigged
PUK says parties aim at fomenting tension

Kirkuk, 14 May 2018, the Arab group of Kirkuk Governorate Council accuses an unidentified political party of rigging the elections.

Arab group in Kirkuk Governorate Council said the election was rigged and it may lead Kirkuk to an obscure situation, but PUK, which is accused often of ‘orchestrating’ the election, rejects the blame. “Arab component had the largest participation in the election in the province, but the results have been played with, which leads Kirkuk […]

From competition to tension
Political parties confront each other over election results

Kirkuk, 10 May 2018, Special Voting for Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk Now A jarring tension has emerged among various political parties following the announcement of preliminary results of the Iraqi parliamentary election, leading to an armed showdown in some cases. Apparent especially in the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk, the political parties accuse the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] of orchestrating the elections and hacking into […]

More than 78% turnout in Special Voting throughout Iraq

Kirkuk, 10 May 2018, Special Voting for Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Omer Jawad

Kirkuk Now The final turnout of the Special Voting process in Iraq passed 78%, while some eligible voters could not take part due to technical issues. Early on Thursday 10 May, the ballot boxes were open for hundreds of thousands of security and military officers along with prisoners, a process which continued until 06:00 PM […]

Kurdish intra-party struggle to win disputed areas

Kirkuk, 7 March 2010, a number of Kurdish voters celebrate after voting in Iraqi parliamentary elections, with waiving Kurdish flag in one of the streets of Kirkuk. Photo: Metrography Agency

Shorsh Khalid – Kirkuk Now In the disputed areas, Kurdish parties fear of losing a huge portion of their votes. The developments of 16 October 2017, the independence referendum, withdrawal of security forces, lack of administrative authority, and their internal chaotic condition, are major reasons which might well lower the votes of the powerful Kurdish […]

Kirkuk Now reveals voting card trade

Ali Hiyani – Anbar Trading with voting cards, especially in some areas of Anbar, has become a hot business for some dealers and political blocs, despite harsh punitive measures of Iraqi High Independent Electoral Commission [IHIEC] and Iraqi authorities against it. Kirkuk Now’s investigation reveals since the commencement of election campaign up to now, hundreds […]

Female candidate promise promoting peace to get vote in Kirkuk

Karawn Salihi-Kirkuk As a mean of electoral campaigns and reaching to the Iraqi parliament, female candidates in Kirkuk promise peace and coexistence to the people, and they think that the it is crucial to reestablish trust amongst the components of the city which they have historical background of coexistence. One third of the candidates in […]

IHEC registers ten thousand foreign and local poll watchers in Kirkuk

Karwan Salihi-KirkukNow The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) office in Kirkuk registered IDs to ten thousand local and foreign poll watchers to observe the coming Iraqi parliament election in Kirkuk. Abd Al Basit Dawresh, IHEC communication and media official in Kirkuk told KirkukNow, “Three local and foreign civil society organizations are allowed to observe the […]

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