Success Story
Khame Barakat: From surviving ISIS brutality to party leadership

Soran Muhammad- Ninawa For Khame, the struggle to gain her freedom is much more important than freedom itself; therefore she didn’t give up until she escaped the hell of ISIS terrorist group.  This Ezidi girl, after spending years far away from home, employed all the suffering and pain she went through to achieve her ambitions. […]

The lasting legacy of war
Unexploded ordnance still pose grave threat to residents in Tala’far

Ja’far Tala’fari- Ninawa Ali and Hussein were two close friends in their 20s. They used to sell scrap metals they collected from public trash sites to cover the basic need of their families. A few days ago, death was lurking around the corner when a bomb exploded at their feet in a site near an […]

“My only wish is to be able to write my name”
Mandali elderly in a race against time to learn

KirkukNow- Diyala “My only wish before I die is to be able to write my name”, said Abu Subhi, a 60-year-old man, who dropped out of school when he was 10. Now, he is attending classes at an illiteracy eradication center in Diyala’s Mandali’s sub-district. In a humble classroom, dozens of learners most of them […]

UNAMI: More than 200 mass graves left behind by ISIS in Iraq

KirkukNow The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), in a report published on Tuesday November 6, indicated that ISIS terrorist group has left more than 200 mass graves in northern and western areas of Iraq held by the terror group between 2014 and 2017. The report said, “The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq and […]

Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces hand over security in Shingal’s Ezidi-populated areas to Ezidxan Protection Force

Ammar Azizi- Ninawa The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd al-Sha’bi) is preparing to hand over parts of the Ezidi-populated Shingal district to the Ezidxan Protection Force which was founded in the summer of 2014 in response to the genocide of Ezidis by ISIS terror group, meanwhile a commander of the force reiterated that security dossier […]

Teachers of Duz Khurmatu Kurdish schools boycott classes

Layla Ahmed- Salahaddin Teachers of a number of Kurdish schools in Duz Khurmatu, Salahaddin province on Monday boycotted classes and threatened to continue their strike if they did not receive last month’s salaries which were stolen by unknown gunmen. Muhammad Khalid, a teacher at Ftwa School told KirkukNow that the entire staff of the school […]

Women sidelined in new Iraqi cabinet
Kirkuk activists call for women representation in decision-making posts

Karwan Salhi- Kirkuk Women from the diverse components of Kirkuk have expressed discontent after the new Iraqi cabinet was announced with no female ministers included. They believe that there are a sufficient number of qualified women candidates up to the task, insisting that women are no less than men in the decision-making process. The issue […]

Iraqi and Coalition forces target ISIS terror group near Kirkuk
25 militants killed in Coalition airstrikes

KirkukNow The Commander of Iraqi counter terrorism forces in Kirkuk, announced that 25 ISIS militants have been killed near Kirkuk in the past few days, which dealt a major blow to the terror group. Ma’an Saadi, in a statement, declared that “acting upon intelligence reports, two secret tunnels used by ISIS militants in the environs […]

Amid calls on Khanaqin tribes to take up arms
Iraqi Security forces arrest two suspects for involvement in Khanaqin bombings

Hawre Azad- Diyala Based on precise intelligence, Diyala operations command units have arrested two suspects believed to be involved in recent roadside bomb attacks in Khanaqin, northeast of the province. In the meantime, Zahid Tahir, member of the Diyala provincial council has called on Khanaqin tribes to take up arms and protect their areas, criticizing […]

19 ISIS militants killed in Iraqi and Coalition forces joint operation in Makhmur

KirkukNow Iraqi Federal Police forces backed by US-led Coalition fighter planes have conducted a large-scale operation in the surrounding areas of Makhmur town aimed to track down remnants of ISIS terrorist group. Ra’id Shakir Jawdat, commander of the Iraqi federal police in a statement announced that “19 ISIS militants have been killed in the joint […]

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