Men Reject One Day for Women

Narin Rostam Byar Rshid 32 years old, is one different husband in the neighborhood, he starts off his morning by washing the dishes, making the house smell nice, playing a piece of music, and last but not least, cooking for his wife. When Byar’s wife (Sarah Hama Salih- 25 years old) comes home from college, […]

Photo and Video: Track and Field Games Festival in Kirkuk

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk Now The University of Kirkuk organized its third sports festival for the Track and Field games with the participation of dozens of male and female students in order to prepare the contestants to participate in the upcoming tournaments at the level of Iraq. The participants in the festival were evaluated by a […]

Iraqi Parliament Makes a Decision about Kirkuk Oil Money

Kirkuk Now Iraqi parliament tries to reveal the truth about Kirkuk’s oil money, and it investigates the dossier through a committee. There has been a controversy between the parties about millions of dollars missing of the province’s petrodollar budget. Nevertheless, the case is still unsolved. Iraqi parliament announced an approved decision on March 3 about […]

Opening Duhok- Mosul Commercial Route Officially

Kirkuk Now The Duhok-Mosul commercial road opened officially on Monday, March 4, for the commercial goods traffic. The Iraqi troops returned to Nineveh plains and the other disputed areas on October 19 which led to closing the roads between Kurdistan Region and Mosul. Nawfal Hammadi, Nineveh province governor underlined the importance of the route to […]

Quick Reaction Forces’ Officer Killed in Tuz Khurmatu

Zhino Khalil- Salahaddin A Quick Reaction Forces’ officer (QRF) was shot and killed by unknown shooters in Tuz Khurmatu. Today, March 4, a QRF platoon was attacked by unknown armed people. Lieutenant Abdulamir Hamdawi stated to Kirkuknow: “Our officer (Asaad Shamari) was on duty when he was shot by unknown shooters”. He added: “We started […]

Digging In The Dust

KirkukNow- Amy Christian/ Oxfam The soft soil falls away easily as the sharp metal hits the ground. Again and again Falah Abiya raises the axe above his head and brings it down on the compacted earth. Two of his colleagues stand waiting beside him, stepping in with shovels to remove the soil he has loosened. […]

Kirkuk Provincial Council Elections will Take place in December
The Components Agreed on Three Points

Kirkuk- Kirkuk Now Kirkuk components in Iraqi Council of Representatives (ICR) agreed to hold Kirkuk’s provincial council elections this year on December 22, and for this, they agreed on three main points. Today March 3, ICR approved Provincial Council Elections amendments, including Kirkuk Provincial Council, which had not been held since 2005 because of the […]

Sazan Restores Hope to Her Family

Zhino Khalil- Salahaddin Sazan is a bright student and at the same time a gifted shopkeeper; she is a main backbone of her family, which is why her father’s disability never disappointed the family. Sazan is only 11 years old, but she is busy with helping her father in restoring their store every day after school, […]

Iraqi Counter-terrorism and Police: Kirkuk is not in Danger

Kirkuk- Kirkuknow The Iraqi Counter-terrorism, Police, and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in three different declarations all confirmed that there is no ISIS danger on Kirkuk, and they state “ISIS is not capable of attacking the city”. The assertions come after rumours spread about ISIS attacking Kirkuk on March 1st which created fear among people. […]

Erbil- Kirkuk Bridge Repairs Requires 700 Million IQDs.

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk Conflicts between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) suspended transportations between Erbil- Kirkuk roads, and according to the estimates of the Directorate of Roads and Bridges in Kirkuk, fixing the main damaged bridge will cost 700 million Iraqi dinars. Pirde Bridge in Alton Kopri sub-district was bombed and partially damaged two […]

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