Have the Peshmarga Forces returned to Khanaqin?

Hawre Azad- Diyala   A high ranking source from the Kurdish Peshmarga forces declared that they have alleged returned to the disputed territory of Khanaqin. The claims were immediately refuted the town’s local police which asked residents not to believe such “propagandas”.   The controversy over the return of Peshmargas to Khanaqin which they left […]

Fresh Water Scarcity Adds to the Suffering in Mosul’s Right Side

Ahmed Zaidi- Ninawa   “Look at this water we are drinking. We got fed up with salty water”, said Ibtisam Ahmed, a resident of Bab Lakash, one of the ruined quarters of the right side of Mosul. Separated by the Tigris River, the city of Mosul is divided into two parts: the left bank (on […]

Shingal Mountain Embraces Ezidis for Better or Worse

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa   Faqir Barakat, an Ezidi from the town of Shingal, Ninawa province, was overwhelmed by mixed feelings as he climbed Shingal Mountain which once was his only shelter from ISIS terrorist group brutality. Barakat was among around 5 thousands other Ezidis gathered on Shingal Mountain on Friday September 15th, to celebrate one […]

Abandonment of Kurdish Schools in Duz Khurmatu on the Rise

  Marwan Khurshid, a Kurdish resident of the multi-ethnic disputed tow of Duz Khurmatu decided to re-enroll his son in an Arabic School and start from the First Grade, despite that his son passed the first Grade last year in a Kurdish school. Explaining the reason behind his decision, Marwan says “I enrolled him in […]

Arabs and Turkmen Threaten to Boycott Kirkuk Elections

Ibrahim Ali -Kirkuk   The Arabs and Turkmen of Kirkuk still feel disappointed by the results of Iraq’s 12 May, 2018 general elections, and it seems that they don’t want to pass through that experience again; therefore they have put conditions to participate in the upcoming provincial elections, threatening to boycott the elections if they […]

Duhok Hosts Religious Coexistence Festival

Ammar Aziz- Duhok Members of Muslim, Christian and Ezidi religious communities held a festival A festival on Thursday September 13, in Duhok, in the particioation of a range of civl society organizations. The festival which was held at Duhok Univercity’s (al-Salam Center) included artistic activites, book exhibitions and choruses that depicted the significance of coexistence […]

Skeletal Remains of Three Peshmargas Found in Hawija

  Hashd al-Sha’bi (Popular Mobilization) forces discovered the remains of three Kurdish Peshmargas in Hawija, south of Kirkuk , who have been missing since the 2014 ISIS attacks on the area. Colonel Hussein Ali Najm, a commander in the Hashd al-Sha’bi forces said “We found the remains inside an uncompleted house, while conducting search operation […]

Khanaqin Residents Call for Restoration of Stability

Hawre Azad- Diyala   Residents and activists of Khanaqin disputed territory in Diyala Province gathered in the town’s main square on Tuesday September 11, calling for peace and stability to be restored. The protests came in the aftermath of a series of terrorist attacks in the last two weeks which left 10 people dead. Salam […]

Strategic Project to Resolve Drinking Water Shortages in Kirkuk

Ibrahim Ali – Kirkuk Fresh water shortages have affected some areas of Kirkuk, and the city’s directorate of water distribution expects the problem to end soon. Residents of the Huzairan, Wasiti, Qadisiya, Askari and some other quarters have been depending on water tankers to provide them with fresh water.   Qasim Abbas, head of Water […]

Khanaqin Residents Face Potential Terror Threats

Hawre Azad- Diyala   Despite the presence of Kurdish Peshmargas and five other different Iraqi forces, dozens of families in the villages of disputed territory of Khanaqin in Diyala province have fled their homes seeking shelter in the Kurdistan Region. Since the beginning of this year, numerous terrorist acts have been recorded in and around […]

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