Persistence and self-confidence turned these women into business owners in Garmian

Nigar Omer- Garmian Dozens of women in the Garmian area have become successful entrepreneurs in the last couple of years, after overcoming numerous hurdles; some of them are pursuing bigger dreams. These women entrepreneurs say they were able to achieve success in theirs first ever ventures and help provide a better life for their families. […]

An estimated 3,000 displaced Christian families have not returned to Ninewa yet

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa A recent survey by the Kurdistan regional Government (KRG)’s ministry of Awqaf and religious affairs indicates that an estimated 3,000 displaced Christians families which fled Ninewa after the Islamic State (IS) group took over Ninewa in 2014 have not returned to their homes yet. Meanwhile, returnees criticize the lack of essential services […]

A total of 11 Ezidis have been freed from IS captivity since the start of this year

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s office tasked with rescuing Ezidi abductees declared that 11 Ezidis have been freed from Islamic State (IS) captivity since the start of 2019, reaffirming a shift in their rescue plans. Hussein Qaidi, head of the office, speaking exclusively to (KirkukNow) said, “Until January 12th of this year […]

Chef Hanan started from a small project and now she runs her own business

KirkukNow Hanan Faruq is an example of working women who dedicated their life not only to improve their living condition but also help others face life challenges. Hanan started her career with a small project in her home in Kirkuk. Her passion for cooking led her to more success after she opened a restaurant which […]

Arabs declare a new alliance in Kirkuk

KirkukNow- Kirkuk Arab leaders and political figures have announced the formation of a new alliance in Kirkuk province with the aim of supporting the component’s rights and re-organizing their parties ahead of the upcoming provincial council elections. The United Arab Front, which includes political and tribal figures, was declared in a press conference on Saturday, […]

Khanaqin villages join forces in the face of emerging Islamic State threats

KirkukNow- Diyala Dozens of villages in the environs of Khanaqin, Diyala are adopting a joint self-defense strategy to confront threats of Islamic State militants operating in the area. Villagers have decided to undertake security responsibilities and protect their areas in coordination with Iraqi security forces, after a series of terrorist attacks in the past weeks […]

Members of an Islamic State-affiliated group arrested in Diyala

KirkukNow A group with links to the Islamic State (IS) terror organization has been arrested in the Hamrin area, Diyala province. Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd al-Sha’abi) said they arrested all members of the so-called (Tal Bardan) group in a military operation to root out IS remnants on Thursday January 9th near Hamrin Lake on […]

PUK lowers Kurdistan Region flag at most of its Kirkuk offices

KirkukNow The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) organizational center in Kirkuk has decided to lower the Kurdistan Region’s flag at the majority of its offices in the province, while it said in a statement that it will keep the flag raised on both the organizational center and the PUK politburo’s headquarters, arguing that it is […]

Helping Ezidi women survivors embrace a new life
Duhok administration empowers women in IDP camps to acquire various skills

Ammar Aziz- Duhok The Humanitarian Affairs Board in Duhok governorate is organizing various training courses for Ezidi women who survived Islamic State brutality and currently live in Duhok IDP camps.   The training courses which continued for 2 months include tailoring skills and illiteracy eradication courses. As many as 150 women and girls took part. […]

Commander of Iraqi counter-terrorism service arrives in Kirkuk amid Kurdish flag controversy

KirkukNow- Kirkuk The commander of the Iraqi counter-terrorism service on Thursday January 10th arrived in Kirkuk in an unannounced visit to the multi-ethnic province, according to a source. Lieutenant general Abdulwahab Sa’idi’s landed in the Hurriya military airport where he was received by Kirkuk counter terrorism officials. The source did not reveal any information on […]

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