Women in Kirkuk Stand against Illiteracy

Omar Jawad A number of women in Kirkuk stand against women illiteracy by exhibiting handmade products. The exhibition is to support the financial freedom for women. Qais Abdulwahid, the director of women illiteracy eradication center in Kirkuk says the handmade goods are produced by women, and the exhibition is to support families and women to […]

Abadi: NGC Deputy Manager Killed by Members of Sulaimani Police

Iraqi PM Haidal Abadi says that a number of policemen for Sulaimani killed deputy manager of North Gas Group. In his weekly press conference, Al-Abadi told the reporters that as soon as he heard the killing he formed a committee to investigate. “The investigators from the ministry of interior collected evidences, which show that a […]

In Photos: Life After ISIS in Jalawla

Residents of Jalawla, an ethnically diverse town in Diyal, are recovering from the aftermath of ISIS war and tensions in the town. They wish for a normal life after ISIS. Jalawla, also known as Gulala, was controlled in the mid of 2014, after a heavy fight the peshmarga forces liberated the town later in 2014. […]

Child Marriage Has Increased in Kirkuk

Amal organization says the phenomenon of child marriage has increased in the last years in Kirkuk. A number of organizations and activists discussed the increasing number of minor marriage in Kirkuk, presenting the reasons and the solutions. The debate titled “is minor marriage a right or a violation?” addressed the issue with a number of […]

Wadi awarded Roland Berger Prize for Human Dignity

On the evening of May 4th, 2017, in a ceremony held at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Roland Berger Foundation honored the current winners of its eponymous award. Wadi received the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award 2017 for its longstanding and successful campaign for the human rights and autonomy of Iraqi citizens. Currently, WADI’s main […]

Police in Kirkuk Insult a Number of Individuals

Kirkuk Police cut off hair of some individuals allegedly charged with consuming alcohol. The photos have gone viral and some believe it is an act of humiliation while the police says it is a punishment for their violators. Colonel Afrasyaw Kamil, the spokesperson for Kirkuk Police, confirmed the occurrence of the act and said it […]

First Yezidi Political Party to Set Up and Run in the Upcoming Elections

The Iraq’s Ministry of Interior gave official permission to the Ezidi’s Democracy and Freedom Party (PADE) to run in the upcoming elections. The party is the first to represent the Yezidi entity. “We obtained official permission from the central government on April 19 to set up the party. This party will represent the Yezidis and […]

1500 Civil Servants Arrested in Mosul With Suspected Allegiance to ISIS

Nineveh National Security announced that 1500 civil servants have either taken up arms for ISIS or declared allegiance to them, they confessed. “In an arrest campaign for those who had joined ISIS or declared allegiance to them, we detained thousands of people in Mosul who confessed to the charge” Major Saed Ghanim told Kirkuknow. Major […]

A Private Hospital Suspended in Kirkuk

Kirkuk’s Health Department suspended Darul-Hikma private hospital for one week following a legal complaint against them. The decision came after Nozan Salahadeen, who was pregnant, was admitted to the hospital. However, after she gave birth, she was allegedly given wrong medication. The infection of Salahadeen’s hand forced her to make a surgery on the same […]

Teenager Killed by the Turkish Airstrikes

His mother was kidnapped by ISIS three years ago. The Turkish airstrikes on Shingal killed a teenage boy whose mother was kidnapped by ISIS three years ago. Turkish fighter jets bombed some positions of Shingal Protection Units (YBS) an affiliate of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Peshmarga forces in Shingal on Tuesday March-24. The attack […]

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