Hundreds of thousands Feyli Kurds will have representative in the Iraqi Parliament

Narin Rostam-KirkukNow For the first time, Feyli Kurds will choose a representative for the Council of Representatives of Iraq through their votes, after a quota seat for this component was allocated. The parliament will have 329 seats for the next term which divided over the provinces and nine of them are quota seats according to […]

100 candidates compete on nine quota seats

Omer Sabir – Kirkuk Now More than 20 alliances and political blocs compete with 100 candidates for nine quota seats at the parliamentary elections of Iraq, set to be held on 12 May 2018. According to the Iraqi parliamentary election law, the upcoming parliament will consist of 329 seats, 320 of them already distributed over […]

IHEC examines the electronic voting instruments

KirkukNow After an experimental voting process in tens of voting centers in some Iraqi provinces, The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the success of the electronic voting instruments in counting and grouping the votes, on Monday. As it is mentioned in the IHEC statement, to make the process as real as possible, during the […]

Hashid sends troops to Khanaqin
Without coordinating with the Kurds, PUK says

Khanaqin-KirkukNow To conduct security operations, Hshid Al Shaabi sends more troops to the territories of Kkanaqin district. According to a partisan official, they have not coordinated with the Kurds while taking this step, as he claimed that their stay is temporary. Fourth brigade of Hashid Al Shaabi which includes six regiments, yesterday reached Khanaqin district […]

Challenge over two Capitals votes
The Arab Political Parties go to Erbil and the Kurdish ones to Baghdad

Narin Rostam-KirkukNow The competition in the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary election is playing out more obviously in these two capitals. Some Arab political parties seriously look into the opportunities in Erbil, and some Kurdish parties are working hard to secure their seats in Baghdad. The campaigns have started for more than a week, and in Erbil, […]

How Islamic State fighters entered the villages of Haftaghar in Daquq district?

Kirkuk-KirkukNow Tens of Islamic State (IS) fighters entered the villages of Haftaghar area in Daquq district using cars motorcycles. After an hour of movement in the area and chanting of “Allah Akbar” in the alleys, they left the villages without any hostilities and fights. The villagers estimated the fighters to be around fifty in number. […]

Female Candidates Face Threats

Narin Rostam – Erbil A sex footage of Intisar Muhammad Jasim, a Victory Coalition [Nasr] candidate for Iraqi parliamentary election, has recently dominated the social media, which forced her to to withdraw from the Iraqi election, the first female candidate to do so. Intisar is a professor of administration and economics in the University of […]

“Some candidates already violate, what if they reach parliament?!”

KirkukNow Raouf Ahmed, a taxi driver, drives throughout Baghdad’s neighbourhoods on daily basis, due to his profession. He observes myridas of signboards and posters with photos of parliamentary candidates, hung over the apartments and crossroads of the city. As Raouf heard in the news, the election campaign is yet to commence, he asks then why […]

IDPs vote in four different methods

Firas Hamdani Internally displaced people [IDPs] in Iraq can participate in the upcoming election in four different methods, among them is conditional voting. IDPs, now more than two million in number, are classified into four different categories in this year’s parliamentary election of 12 May in Iraq; to take part in the process, some receive […]

IHEC Sets Ballot Boxes at Refugee Camps in Nineveh
800 Thousand out of Two Million Electoral Voter Cards given back to Refugees

Nineveh-KirkukNow IHEC administrator of Nineveh office announced that IHEC decided to set ballot boxes at 15 refugee camps in the province. He also said that out of two million refugee electoral voter cards, only 800 thousand have been distributed so far. Mohammad Hani Badrani, IHEC administrator of Nineveh office, told KirkukNow during an interview that […]

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