The success story of a displaced girl from Hawijah

Karwan Salehi Despite being internally displaced from Hawijah to a camp in Kirkuk fleeing Islamic State persecution, Wrud, 13, did not stop trying to educate herself and in fact managed to reach the top of her class. Wrud did not go to school when the family lived in Hawijah under Isis rule for almost two […]

Fasting is different in Khanaqin

Fasting is different in the city of Khanaqin where three different religious groups, Shia, Sunni and Kakaei, observe Ramadan in different ways but this has not stopped them from living together in peace. The Sunni community started fasting on May 27 while the Shia community started fasting the following day as ordered by their religious […]

Arab and Turkmen communities in Kirkuk cautious about Kurdistan referendum

Kirkuknow The Turkmen community in Kirkuk have conditions for the Kurds in order to back the Kurdistan referendum for independence but parts of the Arab community say they will boycott it. Kurdistan presidency and most of the political parties decided to hold the referendum on September 25 in the main Kurdish areas and the disputed […]

Kurds to hold referendum for independence in September

Kirkuknow Kurdistan presidency and the majority of political parties decided to hold referendum for independence on 25th of September this year in areas under Kurdistan regional government (KRG) and disputed territories. In a meeting today in Salahaddin outside Erbil, Masoud Barzani and the representatives of other political parties except for Change Movement and Kurdistan Islamic […]

Kirkuk: Fleeing residents of Hawijah prevented from reaching safety

Kirkuknow For over two weeks, tens of desperate residents of Hawijah who fled the Islamic State rule are waiting for permission from the Kirkuk government officials to reach the safety of the refugee camps. The number of residents currently waiting to be given permission are around 80 according to Tofan Harbi the assistant to the […]

Conflict in west Mosul: 250 civilians killed in just seven hours

In Zanjili neighbourhood of west Mosul, 250 civilians were killed by Islamic State (Isis) in just seven hours as the fighting raged, according to the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights (IOHR). The Observatory published a report on Sunday describing the harsh conditions for civilians in Zanjili neighbourhood in which Isis prevents the residents from fleeing […]

Wadi vows to expand work after being awarded Roland Berger Prize

The German NGO, Wadi, vows to carry on its work confronting violence with more enthusiasm after being awarded the prestigious Roland Berger Prize for Human Dignity. In an interview with Kirkuknow, Abdullah Sabir the head of Wadi explained how the organisation came to receive the Prize and spoke about their future plans in the Kurdistan […]

832 divorce cases registered in Kirkuk province in three months

There were 832 divorce cases registered in Kirkuk province from February to April as well as 4,113 marriage cases registered according to data from Iraqi High Judicial Council. The data released on the Commission’s website shows that in February the number of divorce cases registered were 309 which is greater than the data for March […]

UNAMI delegation visits Kirkuk

Wrya Kakaei A delegation from United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) visited Kirkuk and heard the views and concerns of of various communities without the delagtion expressing any views. The UNAMI delegation headed by the Political Affairs officer Manoch Matthew held five meetings on Tuesday to discuss the election, IDPs, Hawijah operation and referendum. […]

Kirkuknow partners with WADI to fight violence against children

Violence towards children in schools and the home is a serious and underrepresented issue all over the Middle East. While the violence can take many forms, from beatings and spankings, to shouting, and bullying, the reasons behind it are often similar; it is seen as the only effective way to command respect or authority from […]

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