Photo: Another IDP Group from Hawija Returns

PhotoStory: Karwan Salihi 1500 IDPS have made their way to their home areas leaving the camps on Tuesday January 16, 2018. They represent the households of 250 families who departed Laylan Camp (3), southeast Kirkuk, returning to Hawija district, 55 km southwest Kirkuk, upon their request and through a security form.

Photos: Nineveh’s Christians Celebrate Christmas Once Again

Nineveh – Kirkuk Now Christians, for the first time in 3 years since ISIS assault, are helding the festivities of Christmas in Bartella sub-district north-east of Mosul.

In Pictures: Prde town after clashes between peshmerga and Iraqi forces

Iraqi forces took over Prde town also known as Altun Kupri, 11 days ago but normalcy has not returned to the town. Prde stands at the frontline between Iraqi forces and Kurdish peshmerga. Prde is 52km south of Erbil and was retaken by the Iraqi forces on 20th of October after a fierce battle which […]

In Photos: Life After ISIS in Jalawla

Residents of Jalawla, an ethnically diverse town in Diyal, are recovering from the aftermath of ISIS war and tensions in the town. They wish for a normal life after ISIS. Jalawla, also known as Gulala, was controlled in the mid of 2014, after a heavy fight the peshmarga forces liberated the town later in 2014. […]

Kirkuk University Students Celebrate National Clothes Day

Kirkuk University students in all components expressed peaceful coexistence in the city by wearing national clothes on national clothes day. On Thursday, March 9th, the students of Kirkuk University wore national clothes. They sang and danced together to express coexistence between different components of Kirkuk. SORAN MUHEMMED KIRKUKNOW

Photos: International Women’s Day Activities in Sheikhan

On the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day, the Kurdish Women’s Association emphasizes its struggle to realize women’s rights and put pressure on the international community in order to work to rescue the abducted Yazidi (Ezidi) women that are still in the hand of the Islamic State (ISIS). The event took place on March […]

Mosul Residents Continue to Escape

The number of displaced people from Mosul continues to grow with the establishment of the operation of West Mosul. The roads are dangerous due to the ISIS (Islamic State) booby traps. On Friday 24th and 25th, Citizens in the right coast neighborhood of Mosul began to leave their homes intensively. While they were leaving their […]

Photo and Video: Bishop Daud Matran

Bishop Daud Matran Sharaf, Archbishop of Mosul of the Syriac Orthodox Church could not hold his tears when he saw the destruction of his church by ISIS. St. Ephrem church was built in 1988 and known as Mosul’s greatest church. After two and a have years, it is finally retaking from ISIS. Bishop Daud Matran […]

Photo story: Kiln Craft Industry

Kiln craft industry has been practiced in Kirkuk since ancient times. Technology didn’t have a significant impact on this mud kiln industry.The material for making mud kilns are red soil which exists in some places in the city of Kirkuk and it is mixed up with hay and salt. Not only the bakeries have desire […]

Photo Story: Daily Life of the Internal Displaced People

The daily life of the Internal displaced People in Hawija, Mosul, and Diyala in the camps of Kirkuk province.According to Kirkuk officials, there are up to 500 thousand IDPs in Kirkuk, living in the refugees camps.  

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