Mosul Residents Continue to Escape

The number of displaced people from Mosul continues to grow with the establishment of the operation of West Mosul. The roads are dangerous due to the ISIS (Islamic State) booby traps. On Friday 24th and 25th, Citizens in the right coast neighborhood of Mosul began to leave their homes intensively. While they were leaving their […]

Photo and Video: Bishop Daud Matran

Bishop Daud Matran Sharaf, Archbishop of Mosul of the Syriac Orthodox Church could not hold his tears when he saw the destruction of his church by ISIS. St. Ephrem church was built in 1988 and known as Mosul’s greatest church. After two and a have years, it is finally retaking from ISIS. Bishop Daud Matran […]

Photo story: Kiln Craft Industry

Kiln craft industry has been practiced in Kirkuk since ancient times. Technology didn’t have a significant impact on this mud kiln industry.The material for making mud kilns are red soil which exists in some places in the city of Kirkuk and it is mixed up with hay and salt. Not only the bakeries have desire […]

Photo Story: Daily Life of the Internal Displaced People

The daily life of the Internal displaced People in Hawija, Mosul, and Diyala in the camps of Kirkuk province.According to Kirkuk officials, there are up to 500 thousand IDPs in Kirkuk, living in the refugees camps.  

(In Photos) Demonstration about the Oil Crisis

Kirkuk’s residents held a demonstration about the oil crisis on Saturday morning, the 21st of June. The demonstrators asked the government to provide them w ith oil and not to sell it on the black market. The demonstrators gathered in front of theWuqudAlsawad station near Arafain the northwestern part of Kirkuk. Kirkuk Now/ Omer Jwad […]

A Cameraman is Killed in Diyala

According to a source from the police ofDiyala Province, a cameraman for Alahad channel was killed and a reporter was badly injured in Diyala’s city center. The source toldAlmadaBris, “On Sunday the 15th, anonymous gunmen driving a new car shot Alahad’s channel staff with machine guns in Khalis District in northern Diyala. This caused the […]

(In Photos) ISIS Shoots Dozens in Salah Aldin

Al Arabiya website shared via Tweeter and other websites a collection of photos showing the situation in Salah Aldin and the Jihadi organizations including the Jihadist media Platform and Hanin. The photos display a dozen of Iraqi soldiers being killed by ISIS which fights in Iraq and Syria. The photos were published on Saturday night […]

Photo story: Al-Abbasi historical sites neglected

The sub-district of Al-abbasi west of Kirkuk has several old archaeology places which were built during the Abbasi caliphs’ era. These historical places have been left to ruin says the inhabitants of the area.

Photo Story: Easter holidays in Kirkuk

The Holiest Jesus Heart church held special services on Easter Sunday, which is the largest feast for Christians. They celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion. Many people also celebrate by fasting for forty days. Karwan As-salihi, Kirkuk Now

Photo story: Dubs explosion and demonstrations

A car bomb exploded at the checkpoint of Bye Hassan between Kirkuk and Dubs on Sunday morning the 13th of April killing seven and injuring eleven people. The explosion angered the public in the district who arranged a protest, burned the courthouse and the judge’s house and removed the election candidates’ posters and paraphernalia in […]

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