(In Photos) ISIS Shoots Dozens in Salah Aldin

Al Arabiya website shared via Tweeter and other websites a collection of photos showing the situation in Salah Aldin and the Jihadi organizations including the Jihadist media Platform and Hanin. The photos display a dozen of Iraqi soldiers being killed by ISIS which fights in Iraq and Syria. The photos were published on Saturday night […]

Photo story: Al-Abbasi historical sites neglected

The sub-district of Al-abbasi west of Kirkuk has several old archaeology places which were built during the Abbasi caliphs’ era. These historical places have been left to ruin says the inhabitants of the area.

Photo Story: Easter holidays in Kirkuk

The Holiest Jesus Heart church held special services on Easter Sunday, which is the largest feast for Christians. They celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion. Many people also celebrate by fasting for forty days. Karwan As-salihi, Kirkuk Now

Photo story: Dubs explosion and demonstrations

A car bomb exploded at the checkpoint of Bye Hassan between Kirkuk and Dubs on Sunday morning the 13th of April killing seven and injuring eleven people. The explosion angered the public in the district who arranged a protest, burned the courthouse and the judge’s house and removed the election candidates’ posters and paraphernalia in […]

Photo Story: Three new pictures of Jalal Talabani

Kurdsat channel owned by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) released three new pictures of Jalal Talabani, the president of Iraq, Tuesday the 3rd of April. The new photos of Talabani have been taken during Nawroz Eid, March 21st this year in Berlin, Germany. 

Photo story: electoral propaganda campaign launched

The electoral propaganda campaign launched officially in Iraq at 12:00 hrs Tuesday midnight the 1st of April. Most of the Kirkuk streets wore the flags, signs and pictures of the party candidates. Photos: Karwan As-salihi, Kirkuk Now

Photo Story: Kirkuk DOE Volleyball Team Won the Championship

The Kirkuk Directorate of Education has won the Iraqi DOE Volleyball Championship which was held at Rusafa Hall in Baghdad. Eight teams participated in the tournament from all over Iraq. The Kirkuk DOE team beat the Dhiqar DOE team in the final match three games to two. Yassin As-sabawi, Kirkuk Now

Photo Story: Alea in the Citadel Alone

One Kirkuki woman has decided to make the Kirkuk Citadel which was built 5000 years ago by the Gutians her home. They are thought to be the ancestors of the Kurdish people. Alea Khidir who is 68 years old lives alone in one of the rooms in the citadel. She has no relatives and decided […]

Photo story: Abducted Drivers’ Bodies Recovered

  After the arrests and confessions of some suspects, the bodies of four taxi drivers who have been missing since the end of 2013 were found by an Asayish unit connected with the PUK. Journalists accompanied the team that was responsible for recovering the bodies from a landfill located between the Chamchamal district and the […]

Photo Story: Ninth Olympiad of Science in çağ School

The Secondary school of çağ in the Granada Quarter in Kirkuk participated in its ninth Scientific Olympiad on Monday, the 10th of February 2014. Three hundred and fifteen students and eighty-five teachers of the çağ schools from Kirkuk, Baghdad, Basra and Anbar participated in the Olympiad. They presented seventy-five projects in the fields of physics, […]

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