WADI says awareness of FGM growing

WADI staff delivering a seminar about the rights of vulnerable groups

KirkukNow In a statement released on 14 August, the rights group WADI said the awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM) is growing in the Kurdistan region. More organizations “acknowledge the urgency of the situation,” according to WADI, including UN agencies. WADI has been working on the issue since its commencement in 2004, “WADI has been […]

Siblings are top students in Iraq
After for years of displacement

Kirkuk, 8 August 2018, Asma and Aseer could realise their dreams and earned the highest degree in Iraq/ Photo: Karwan Salhi

Karwan Salhi – KirkukNow Announcing the final baccalauréat results proved that displacement is no barrier for people’s dreams, Asma and Aseer, a sibling in Kirkuk, are the best examples of that. Asma, 23, and Aseer, 18, earned the highest grade in bac exams in all Iraq while spending four years in displacement. Displacement Four years […]

Minority rights are not just slogans

A shot from KirkukNow's footage about coexistence, "pluralism is a bliss."

Khidir Domli The officials of the Kurdistan region have failed, now for 25 years, to learn how to manage a multi-ethnic, religious, sectarian administration, and they do not seem to learn anyway. They have been selling, now for 25 years, the image of the region, an oasis of coexistence. Whenever they see foreign diplomats, they […]

You can’t drink in Tikrit anymore

Salahadin, June 2018, Only months after opening his liquor shop, Ashur's father is obliged to close it down. Photo: KirkukNow

Karwan Salhi – Salahadin “Haram or bad for my health, it’s me and my body, not yours to decide,” Qaduri was responding to Tikrit authorities. The concerns of Mustafa Qaduri is that he cannot find liquor in his city anymore, as the city’s administration prohibited its sale. The decision to do so was signed by […]

Women further marginalised in disputed areas political tension

Mosul, 3 August 2018, a protest to support women on 8 March. Photo: Ali Ayad

Narin Rostam The growing tension of the disputed areas has further marginalised women, while they are suffering from unemployment and violation of their rights. Rights activists express concern over the increase of female victims while urging support for their cause. The head of the Kirkuk office of Hiwa Organization for Human Rights, Snur Ahmed, said […]

Success story
From hobby to business

Tavga Tahseen has recently started a shop to exhibit and sell her craft

Narin Rostam – KirkukNow Tavga Tahseen never leaves a country empty-handed, always collecting various gems and stones she could have to use them in her craft as a jeweller. It has been her longing for 30 years, as she recently considered opening a place to exhibit and sell her craft in the form of necklaces […]

Wine in times of ISIS

Salahadin, June 2018, youths buy alcohol in the shop of Ashur’s father. Photo: KirkukNow

Karwan Salhi – Shargat Not so long ago, Muhammad Badri used to search every corner and alley seeking Ashur’s father. To relieve some of his concerns, he wanted to use the help of some liquor, and it could only be done through Ashur’s father. Longer ago, he had to pass 125km to reach Tikrit for […]

The last vase that was not finished

Kirkuk, June 2018, The unfinished vase of Jamal Gozachi, as his son and he died before completing it in Daquq. Photo: Muhammad Almas

Muhammad Almas – Kirkuk Jamal Gozachi, 72, realised his final wish when he died while making his last vase. The story goes with his father dying similarly, in his workshop while making his last vase. Jamal Zain-al-Din Kakaiyi, known as Jamal Gozachi (the potter), was famous in Kirkuk, especially Daquq district, when he died late […]

Feast into Mourning
Bomb leaves family heartbroken in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, 2017, Mayada Hamid and his friends on their senior day at the university. Photo: Mayada’s account on Facebook

  Karwan Salhi – KirkukNow Mayada and Ahlam are the same age, though one is the aunt of the other. They laugh together while preparing food in the house of the grandfather. Mayada has always loved that dish, as they prepare the table, some pray and await the evening prayer call so that they can […]

Charshama Sur the Sacred Day

Dyari Khalid Charshama Sur, or the Yezidis New Year, is one of oldest ceremonies for the Yezidis. It is celebrated annually on second Wednesday of April. Charshama Sur, translated as Red Wednesday, is a sacred day and widely celebrated by the Yezidis. April for Yezidis! Yezidis believe April is a scared month and is called […]

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