The Iraqi National Internet Project will launch in Kirkuk

Kirkuk-Kirkuknow The examination phase of the National Internet Project in Iraq will start to operate initially and temporarily in Kirkuk according to a statement of Iraqi ministry of communication. The mentioned ministry has announced on April 9th that the project started at the main publication center of Kirkuk province, and the service will be provided […]

Turkey is Ready to Receive Kirkuk’s Oil

After the Kurdistan regional prime minster visited Turkey, the Turkish Energy minister considered Kirkuk as an important source for oil exportation. He mentioned that if Kirkuk exports oil, they will be ready to transfer it. In a statement to Anadolu Agency, Taner Yildiz the Turkish energy minister said, “Kirkuk is an important source for oil […]

Petrodollar Contracts in the Controlled Areas by the ISIS Ended

According to a source, the contracts with the employees in the areas that are controlled by the gunmen will end by a decision from Kirkuk Province. The sources added this decision was made because the supplementary budget and investment was not approved. He mentioned that the bad security situation in the city and the control […]

Gold Price and Dollar Exchange Rate Are Rising

According to the Commercial Control Directorate in Sulaymaniyah, the price of gold and the dollar exchange rate are rising. The Commercial Control Directorate in Sulaymaniyah announced on Monday, June 23rdthat the price of gold and the dollar exchange rate are dramatically rising in Kurdistan’s markets. One ounce of 18 carat gold is worth 194,000 IQD, […]

Oil Production Decreases from 650,000 Barrels to 30,000 Barrels

The average production of oil decreased from 650 thousand barrels to 30 thousand barrels a day because of the oil crisis that is occurring in the country. In a statement to Almada Press, a source from an oil company said, “Oil production in Kirkuk from the Hassan, Alkhabaz, and Ajeel oil fields dramatically decreased because […]

Provincial Administration forms New Committees

Kikrkuk’s Provincial Administration decided to form two committees, a technical committee and an urban planning committee. The administration also decided not to grant the lagging companies any further project. This was decided in a meeting that included Kirkuk’s governor NajimAldin Omer Karim and the heads of the service departments. One of the decisions was to […]

Retirees Receive Degree Allowance Next August

The retirement organization of Kirkuk announced that degree allowance will be given to civil retirees only, and it will be according to the type of degree they hold. The money from the previous months will also be given. The head of the retirement organization, Nadhir Hana Mikha told Kirkuk Now that the organization will give […]

New Law: Cattle Will Be Confiscated

According to a new decision by the Kirkuk governorate, the municipality will confiscate any cattle that is located within the city limits and will sell them. The municipality deputy stated that, “According to the governorate’s decision, anyone who owns cattle will be convicted and the cattle will be confiscated.” He also said, “The municipality will […]

Rotten Food Confiscated from Pastry Factory and Markets

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health in Kirkuk announced thata pastry shop on Hai Azadi Street was closed and two tons of rotten foodwas confiscatedfrom theHasir and Al Iskan markets. The manager of health, Dr. Denis Anwar announced in a statementthat the health investigations were carried out on Wednesday evening on Azadi Street and at […]

96000 Tons of Wheat Received

The Public Trade Company in Kirkuk announced that more than 96000 tons of wheat has been received. In an interview with Kirkuk Now, the head of the Public Trade Company, Dilshad Abbas Othman said, “The process of receiving wheat in Kirkuk is going well, and there is more space to receive more crops from the […]

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