The only church in Khanaqin has displaced people living in

Hawre Azad The only church in Khanaqin, which for tens of years now is housing displaced people, enforces Christians living in there to head to other places in Kurdistan Region at times of festivals and celebration as their sole choice. Bashara church, that is located in Pasha Kopri neighborhood in Khanaqin, houses tens of poor […]

Tuz Khurmatu IDPs Long to Return Home

Laila Ahmed- Kirkuk Now “God, I wish to go back to Tuz Khurmatu, for peace to prevail and violence to end, I do not want to see my children die” Suhaila Ahmed (52 years) she repeated this prayer in a desolate voice raising her hands to the sky. Suhaila lived with her seven children and […]

Children of ISIS: Stuck in Legal Limbo

Karwan Salhi The Islamic State (ISIS) militants have left behind hundreds of children in Iraq with no identifications and their surviving families are facing an uncertain future. Halawa Omar, 28, the surviving wife of her cousin, an ISIS militant from Hawijah with two children that are struggling in a camp in Kirkuk province, “I didn’t […]

Mohammad 9 and Evin 8, two victims of Erbil-Baghdad tension

Sirwan Shamel was on duty on 16th of October in Kirkuk Azadi General Hospital as scores of injured civilians were rushed into the emergency department. Then he saw his wife crying uncontrollably at the entrance to the hospital and he immediately knew something terrible must have happened to his children who were supposed to be […]

“ISIS changed my life – they cut happiness from me.” – Malak’s story

  “ISIS changed my life. They didn’t let me go anywhere, they cut happiness from me. I couldn’t even go outside in the sun – even if my father was there.” Fifteen year old Malak stands by the window in the house she and her family used to call home. She’s quiet, shy, and deeply […]

Iraqi President spent a day in Kirkuk to resolve differnces

Fuad Masum the president of Iraq spent a day in Kirkuk meeting with different groups and discussing critical issues such as the selection of a new governor and the return of thousands of IDPs to the city and the surrounding districts and subdistricts. President Masum arrived at the city on Monday at 11am and spent […]

Eight female photographers show their first work in Sulaymaniyah

Hardi Abdullah Eight female photographers showed their first work in an exhibition after they took part in a training course organised by Metrography Agency which aims to encourage these photographers to cover women issues that due to gender issues have not been covered by male photographers. The exhibition ran from 17th to the 19th of […]

Will Kurdish Asayish return to Kirkuk?

When the Iraqi security forces and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) were busy discussing the return of the PUK Asayish internal police to Kirkuk on November 7, tens of people nearby were calling on the authorities to reveal what has happened to their loved ones who had been arrested by the Kurdish Asayish security […]

Nearly 100 offices of Kurdish parties and organisations destroyed or looted in disputed territories

Kirkuknow reporters have established that in Kirkuk and other disputed territories nearly 100 offices of Kurdish political parties and organizations have been targeted in less than a week after the Iraqi security forces and the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) launched an operation on October 16 and retook these areas from the Kurdish peshmerga forces. Kirkuknow […]

How did Kurdish journalist Arkan Sharif meet his death?

The assassins switched off the lights and disconnected the CCTV before they entered the house around 2am on October 30, in Daquq town, 44 km south Kirkuk. The men jumped over the front wall and knocked on the door. The moment Arkan Sharif who worked for a Kurdish TV channel appeared followed by his wife, […]

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