Appeals, suspicion, and revocation confine election results

Kirkuk, 12 May 2018, general voting in Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Kirkuk Now

Yasin Taha The second extraordinary session of parliament could not reach the quorum and was delayed for an identified time. However, what was exposed in the assembly through some parliamentarians have deepened suspicions concerning the election process, and the Ministers Council issued a decree to investigate the suspicions and fraud evidence, to leave the dossier […]

None from Sinjar
Three Yezidi candidates elected to Iraqi parliament

Sheikhan, 17 April 2018, Red Wednesday Feast in Lalish temple. Photo: Muhannad Sinjari

Muhannad Sinjari Three Yazidi candidates were able to win seats in the Iraqi parliament, without any representative from Sinjar among them, while 50 Yezidi candidates competed throughout the campaign to win one seat each in Ninawa province. According to the parliamentary election of 12 May, two candidates of Yezidi component could reach parliament through mainstream […]

Story of Murder and Rape of 5 Year-old

Azzam Humam, 5 years old, was raped by two teens in the neighbourhood, and later died.

Karwan Salhi – Kirkuk His parents knew Azzam Humam Bayati, 5 years old, went to the mosque to pray the evening prayer in Kirkuk’s Wasit neighborhood, but his corpse arrived two hours later. According to his family and police investigation, two people have been arrested on the charge of rape and murder of Azzam, and […]

From competition to tension
Political parties confront each other over election results

Kirkuk, 10 May 2018, Special Voting for Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk Now A jarring tension has emerged among various political parties following the announcement of preliminary results of the Iraqi parliamentary election, leading to an armed showdown in some cases. Apparent especially in the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk, the political parties accuse the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] of orchestrating the elections and hacking into […]

More than 78% turnout in Special Voting throughout Iraq

Kirkuk, 10 May 2018, Special Voting for Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Omer Jawad

Kirkuk Now The final turnout of the Special Voting process in Iraq passed 78%, while some eligible voters could not take part due to technical issues. Early on Thursday 10 May, the ballot boxes were open for hundreds of thousands of security and military officers along with prisoners, a process which continued until 06:00 PM […]

Kurdish intra-party struggle to win disputed areas

Kirkuk, 7 March 2010, a number of Kurdish voters celebrate after voting in Iraqi parliamentary elections, with waiving Kurdish flag in one of the streets of Kirkuk. Photo: Metrography Agency

Shorsh Khalid – Kirkuk Now In the disputed areas, Kurdish parties fear of losing a huge portion of their votes. The developments of 16 October 2017, the independence referendum, withdrawal of security forces, lack of administrative authority, and their internal chaotic condition, are major reasons which might well lower the votes of the powerful Kurdish […]

Kirkuk Now reveals voting card trade

Ali Hiyani – Anbar Trading with voting cards, especially in some areas of Anbar, has become a hot business for some dealers and political blocs, despite harsh punitive measures of Iraqi High Independent Electoral Commission [IHIEC] and Iraqi authorities against it. Kirkuk Now’s investigation reveals since the commencement of election campaign up to now, hundreds […]

Female candidate promise promoting peace to get vote in Kirkuk

Karawn Salihi-Kirkuk As a mean of electoral campaigns and reaching to the Iraqi parliament, female candidates in Kirkuk promise peace and coexistence to the people, and they think that the it is crucial to reestablish trust amongst the components of the city which they have historical background of coexistence. One third of the candidates in […]

Hundreds of thousands Feyli Kurds will have representative in the Iraqi Parliament

Narin Rostam-KirkukNow For the first time, Feyli Kurds will choose a representative for the Council of Representatives of Iraq through their votes, after a quota seat for this component was allocated. The parliament will have 329 seats for the next term which divided over the provinces and nine of them are quota seats according to […]

100 candidates compete on nine quota seats

Omer Sabir – Kirkuk Now More than 20 alliances and political blocs compete with 100 candidates for nine quota seats at the parliamentary elections of Iraq, set to be held on 12 May 2018. According to the Iraqi parliamentary election law, the upcoming parliament will consist of 329 seats, 320 of them already distributed over […]

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