Security in Kirkuk public markets handed to a private company

KirkukNow- Kirkuk A private security company is currently providing security services for public markets in Kirkuk city, in return for monthly taxes taken from shop owners and sellers, who have expressed outrage at the new procedure. According to a (KirkukNow) journalistic follow-up, five main markets in Kirkuk city is now being guarded by Babylon private […]

From the hell of ISIS into the heavenly world of painting

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa During a 3-year-long captivity with ISIS brutal terrorist organization, Suhaila was sold several times as a sex slave to ISIS militants. Her life was literally turned into a living hell.  Suhaila Dakhil was one of an estimated 6,417 Ezidis, most of them women, who were kidnapped by ISIS in 2014. She was […]

The lasting legacy of war
Unexploded ordnance still pose grave threat to residents in Tala’far

Ja’far Tala’fari- Ninawa Ali and Hussein were two close friends in their 20s. They used to sell scrap metals they collected from public trash sites to cover the basic need of their families. A few days ago, death was lurking around the corner when a bomb exploded at their feet in a site near an […]

Once victims of (IS) brutality
100 Ezidi families look forward to a new start in France

Khairi Ali- Ninewa 16 Ezidi families out of 100 which were offered resettlement in France have flown to Paris, France from Erbil International airport. The families, all from Ninewa’s Shingal (Sinjar), departed on Thursday December 20, after French president pledged to bring in 100 Ezidi families which were victims of the Islamic State (IS) terror […]

Christians demand a wider participation in Ninewa local administration

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa The Christian minority in Ninewa demand to have a bigger role in the province’s local administrations, indicating that currently they run the posts of two district-commissioners, a sub-district commissioner along with two general directorates. Duraid Hikmat, a Christian, assumed the post of Mosul’s general director of agriculture according to a Ninewa provincial […]

Success Story
Khame Barakat: From surviving ISIS brutality to party leadership

Soran Muhammad- Ninawa For Khame, the struggle to gain her freedom is much more important than freedom itself; therefore she didn’t give up until she escaped the hell of ISIS terrorist group.  This Ezidi girl, after spending years far away from home, employed all the suffering and pain she went through to achieve her ambitions. […]

International Crisis Group lays out arrangements to avoid Baghdad-Erbil potential conflicts

KirkukNow The International Crisis Group (ICG) is proposing the revival of UN-led mediation to ease tensions between the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan regional government (KRG) after Iraqi over disputed territories, particularly oil-rich Kirkuk. The tensions broke out after Iraqi forces retook control of the disputed territories in October 2017, in response to a […]

KRG is following up on fate of missing Peshmargas in Baghdad

Soran Muhammad- Kirkuk The fate of dozens of Peshmargas held captive by Islamic State (IS) militants almost four years ago is still unknown, as their families’ search has not led them to anything new. These families demand to know whether their loved ones are dead or alive, and for this they have knocked on every […]

The Islamic State becomes more alienated in Diyala as wives cut ties to IS militants

KirkukNow- Diyala Dozens of families in Iraq’s Diyala province –once an Islamic State (IS) stronghold- have cut their ties to their relatives who are members of the terror group, resulting in further alienation of the Islamic State in the area since their ouster more than a year ago. According to Diyala officials, only in 2018, thirty […]

KirkukNow reveals the reasons for delaying Iraq’s provincial council elections

Karwan Salhi- Kirkuk The provincial council elections in Iraq including Kirkuk will not be held as scheduled due to the freezing of the work of the country’s high electoral commission and possible amendments to the election law. Although the Iraqi council of ministers earlier set December 22, 2018 as a date for the provincial elections, […]

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