Will Kurdish Asayish return to Kirkuk?

When the Iraqi security forces and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) were busy discussing the return of the PUK Asayish internal police to Kirkuk on November 7, tens of people nearby were calling on the authorities to reveal what has happened to their loved ones who had been arrested by the Kurdish Asayish security […]

Nearly 100 offices of Kurdish parties and organisations destroyed or looted in disputed territories

Kirkuknow reporters have established that in Kirkuk and other disputed territories nearly 100 offices of Kurdish political parties and organizations have been targeted in less than a week after the Iraqi security forces and the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) launched an operation on October 16 and retook these areas from the Kurdish peshmerga forces. Kirkuknow […]

How did Kurdish journalist Arkan Sharif meet his death?

The assassins switched off the lights and disconnected the CCTV before they entered the house around 2am on October 30, in Daquq town, 44 km south Kirkuk. The men jumped over the front wall and knocked on the door. The moment Arkan Sharif who worked for a Kurdish TV channel appeared followed by his wife, […]

The Dawn Tuz Khurmatu Fell
Killings and Human Rights Abuses

KirkukNow Civilians of Tuz Khurmatu, who caught up in house-to-house fighting between Iraqi army and Peshmarga forces, have suffered the most as the town again became the frontline of the ongoing conflict between Iraqi central government and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The attack by Iraqi forces on the district of Tuz Khurmatu has resulted in […]

Kirkuk: If you see any abuses, contact Jwan

Ali Mahmoud Jwan Hasan Zangana lives in a turbulent time in Iraq and and resides in a city which is at the centre of the turmoil that has engulfed Iraq after Islamic State (ISIS) overran large part of northern Iran in June 2014. Over the last three years over 600,000 people fled from areas under […]

A Presidential Ceremony without Iraqi Flag 

Kirkuknow “I am not an Iraq worshipper but I wish Mam Jalal [Talabani] was wrapped in an Iraqi flag alongside the Kurdistan flag, because the Great Uncle spent too much energy in his position as president,” Shia Mohammad, a female lawyer in Sulaymaniyah wrote on her Facebook. “The two flags could have poured water on […]

Green Spaces are disappearing in Kirkuk 

Ali Mahmoud The green spaces in Kirkuk are disappearing fast as the local authorities fail to look after them due to lack of funds from Baghdad.  Kirkuknow visited most of the green spaces in Kirkuk neighbourhoods and bazaars and established that these green spaces and the trees have either withered or are withering. Galawij Shukr, […]

Imam of al-Nuri mosque talks about the day Baghdadi declared his caliphate 

Karwan Salehi Sheikh Hamood Omar Hilal the Imam of al-Nuri Mosque was having a bath when his phone rang constantly on Friday 5th of July 2014. He did not pick up the phone and he did not recognise the number. It was around 11am and Sheikh Hilal prepared his Friday sermon and headed to the […]

Tensions in Qayyarah threaten social cohesion 

The victims of the Islamic State rule in Qayyarah poured into streets today for the third time recently and demanded the expulsion of the relatives and families of Isis militants, creating fear for the social cohesion in the area in the south of Nineveh province. Around 500 youths organised a demonstration today in Qayyarah which […]

Yazidis in Sinjar in the shadow of political rivalries

Mohanad Sinjari The conditions of living for those Yazidis who have returned to the northern part of Sinjar mountain is difficult and unstable. The reason is the tension that exist between various forces that are operating in the area. The entire population of the Sinjar were forced to flee in the summer of 2014 when […]

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