Women Refugees Endure Violence

Female refugees experience different types of violence in the refugee camps and most cases remain silent due to traditional influences and tribal settlements. According to a report conducted by the Human Rights Committee in cooperation with Department of Combating Violence against Women, PAW organization and UNDP, only in the last six months of last year, […]

“We Defeated Death, We do not Go Back”

Samir Shakir and his family – that consists of 25 people – prefer to live in the refugee camps of Khazir instead of going back to their destroyed house in Mosul where their lives “will be in danger”. Samir is from the Somer neighbourhood located on the left side of Mosul which was retaken by […]

Yazidis: “We Want Peace not War”

The Yazidi (Ezidi) community says they are mostly concerned about the conflict between the KDP and the PKK-related forces. While they wait to return to their homes, they are afraid that the conflict between the Kurdish parties will make the situation worse. These concerns come after the clashes between Rojava Peshmerga, close to Kurdistan Democratic […]

Rival Kurdish Forces Clash in Sinjar: Two Journalists Injured

Clashes broke out between two Kurdish forces in Sinjar, leaving casualties behind; meanwhile, life of civilians who have recently returned home is at risk. The clashes started at 7 o’clock local time on Friday morning, and it took place in Snuny sub-district in Sinjar region. The clashes were between Rojava Peshmerga, close to Kurdistan Democratic […]

Munifa Reunion with her Daughter

Munifa embraced her daughter, and kissed her from time to time like she was not expecting seeing her again. Zina was 7 months old when the ISIS militants took control over Mosul. She was separated from her mother. She is now 3 years old, but she does not recognize her mother. After the emergence of […]

Doves as a Symbol of Peace

Rashid Faizula had not closed his eyes for a while because he did not want to miss the beautiful view of the pigeon in the sky.  He wanted to identify his pigeon among the eight thousand pigeons flying in the sky of Kirkuk. It was a very special morning for Rashid who had been feeding […]

Miss Kurdistan in Kirkuk: Women and Children First

Miss Kurdistan said that that she has two projects for the city of Kirkuk, focusing on women, children, and the IDPs, especially the Yazidi (Ezidi) survivors from the grip of ISIS. Zhalia Sirwan, Miss Kurdistan said in an interview with KirkukNow that she has special projects for Kirkuk. During a visit to Kirkuk, she said […]

Return of Hope to Nineveh

Erfan Khalil and his friends initiated a campaign to return hope to the people of Bashiqa town and Nineveh province, and ease all the manifestations of war. “Imprint of hope” is the name of their campaign, and they were able to clean the walls of their city from the slogans of the Islamic State (ISIS) […]

Love across the Divide

26-year-old Hawkar Muhammed’s marriage with Shaima Ali was one of the biggest challenges in their lives. Regardless of the opinion of Hawkar’s relatives who first refused the marriage and told him constantly that “Shiite Arabs will not become close to us,” Hawkar managed to bring two families from two different backgrounds close to each other. […]

Despite the Risks: Citizens of Kirkuk have Easy Access to Weapons

The Kirkuk Provincial Council is seeking to prevent the traffic of arms in the city of Kirkuk that poses a danger to the security of the citizens. This comes at a time when citizens can easily buy or sell different types of weapons. The Provincial Council wants to prevent the spread and use of weapons […]

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