Only 15% of IDPs in Duhok have returned to their homes

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa According to recent data issued by Duhok administration only 15% of IDPs who had sought refuge in camps set up in the Kurdish province have returned to their hometowns. Hundreds of thousands of IDPs, including Ezidis, Arabs, Turkmen and Shabak fled their homes in the wake of the 2014 ISIS terrorist groups […]

Ezidis celebrate one of their most sacred religious festivals

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa Ezidis gathered at Lalish Temple on Saturday October 6, to celebrate one of their most important religious festivals called Jamayi, referred to as ziyaret, “the pilgrimage”. for the first time since ISIS militants attacked the Ezidi populated town of Shingal in 2014. The Gathering and Feast of Seven Days lasts seven days […]

Nadia Murad brings smile to Ezidi women’s faces

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa “These are the tears of joy”, said Inas Abdullah an Ezidi young woman who survived ISIS terror, as she heard the news of Nadia Murad’s winning of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. Inas and her mother are now living in Sharia IDPs camp in Duhok, after they escaped ISIS captivity. “Today was […]

Spanish Intertorco company to assist in Mosul rebuilding

Ahmad Zaidi- Ninawa A Spanish company has proposed the allocation of US$ 10 billion as a loan for reconstruction projects in Mosul, Ninawa province. The Ninawa provincial council in its recent meeting formed a follow-up committee to discuss the proposed loan and ways to use it in rebuilding projects. “The meeting discussed the Spanish bank’s […]

Discontent rises among Ezidis over return of some Arab IDPs

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa The vicious crimes committed by ISIS terrorist group in the wake of their advance into Mosul in 2014 still haunt the memories of Shma Murad, an Ezidi woman from Shingal, west of Mosul. Shma has joined dozens of Ezidis to protest the return of Arab displaced families to their area whom they […]

Ezidi diaspora in Australia participate in Carnival of Flowers

Sarwat Abdulla- Australia It is a special day for Zakariya Jamu who sought refuge in Australia with his family about a year ago. On this day, Zakariya along with five of his fellow Ezidis, dressed in their traditional clothes, are going to take part in one of Australia’s most famous flower festivals, the Carnival of […]

Iraq’s Shabak minority face a new wave of displacement

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa Ayad, father of six children, lives in a rented house and he earns his living from working as a taxi driver. Ayad Hassan an ethnic Shabak from Bashik, a town in Ninawa province has chosen to leave his hometown for the second time, saying it was for the better. Ayad’s family along […]

Who wins the race?
Mainly Six Kurdish political parties competing for seats in local Parliament

Ma’az Farhan- KirkukNow Amid fears of voter apathy and electoral fraud, the September 30 parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region put battling Kurdish political parties under a new test, and some predict the events of the last five years would have changed the political weight and popularity of some parties. More than 25 political entities […]

Shingal returnees unwillingly pursue their dreams off their hometown

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa After long time waiting, Akram’s family were able to return to their hometown Shingal, but once again they unwillingly chose the life of displacement. Akram Ilias Pirmoos is a 12th Grade student. Like many others who returned to Sinune sub-district in northeastern Shingal, he had almost no chance of finishing high school […]

The Eve of the Referendum: The calm before the storm

An unexpected facebook post is almost leaving what Barzani had been doing to prepare for a referendum on Kurdsih independence go rack and ruin and the dream of travelling around the world with a Kurdish passport is fading away. ” We have decided to accept the Coalition’s proposals as an alternative for the referendum”, this […]

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