Ambiguity over the Death of a Police Officer of Kirkuk

There is uncertainty over the death of a police officer of Kirkuk after remaining in detention for several weeks, and his family is skeptical about his death. According to the initial investigations, the police have proven that he committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. Azad Ali Muhammed was a police officer of Kirkuk […]

Great Interest in Second-Hand Clothing Shops in Kirkuk

The second-hand clothing shops in Kirkuk known as “Lenga” are crowded with the citizens of Kirkuk and the IDPs who want to stay warm in the winter. In the past few days, and for the first time in nine years, it snowed in Kirkuk and the temperatures dropped to -4 Celsius. The second-hand clothing shops […]

The Shadow of ISIS and Political Differences Hinder the Return of Yazidis

It has been more than a year since Sinjar was retaken from the grip of ISIS, but the Yazidis still do not wish to return back to their homeland. Despite the political differences and the inconvenient circumstances, the Yazidis are also afraid to go through the same experiences as in the past. Sinjar is home […]

Cars with Tinted Windows Pose a Threat to Citizens in Kirkuk

Amir was walking around with his friends in one of the streets in the city of Kirkuk when a car with tinted windows intercepted them. After threatening them with guns, they took all of their money and their mobiles too and the car drive away. The incident that Amir and his friends experienced has happened […]

Return of Hope: Thousands of Illiterates are Learning Reading and Writing

The writing and signs on the streets are no longer odd for Ebtisam. She can now read them and find any place she wants without asking for help from others as she used to. Ebtisam Mahmmod has spent her life without literacy. She and hundreds of people in Kirkuk were introduced to an education process […]

Migration or Return: the Christian of the Nineveh Rural Areas are Anxious

The Christians in the rural areas of Nineveh are classified into two categories when it comes to returning to their birthplaces or migrating permanently to outside of Iraq. This argument started after the areas of the North and the East of Mosul were controlled two months ago. When ISIS took control of Mosul and the […]

Kirkuk’s Women Take Action Against Violent Men

Regardless of boundaries and “tradition”, 24-year-old Shaunm Muhammed eventually took legal action against her husband and had him arrested by the police and prosecuted in the hope of ending the brutal and offensive relationship and his cruelty towards her during the past three years. Last year the Department of Family Protection from Violence from the […]

Hawija, the Longest Night to Freedom

“Oh cigarette… today I was able to marry the cigarette again” Naziha Mahmmud, who is above sixty years old. She was spreading the dark smoke of her cigarette in the air as rapidly as she could, in order to forget the unpleasant night in which she was about to die at the hands of the […]

Kirkuk ‘Messi’ dreams of Holland

The way he catches the ball, forwards and rejoices after scoring goals reminds everyone of Messi. It seems the Kirkuki Messi will be a future world football star that will shine brighter than the star of Barcelona and Argentina. He will shine for the whole Middle East. The Kirkuk Messi is a young boy of […]

Kirkuk seats; electoral or compromise

The political parties in Kirkuk deny that attempts have been made to distribute the seats of Kirkuk for the Iraqi parliament. Rumors have spread throughout the province that interests from outside Iraq interfered with the election. Along with the rumors, a seven-meter long poster has been placed on the wall near the governor’s office denouncing […]

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