Mosul is key

Ninawa-Gayara, October 2016, a resident of Gayara is gazing at the oil wells of the town which ISIS set them ablaze while leaving. Photo: Fazil Hawrami

Sangar Rasul* The fall of Mosul was not only due to the Islamic State (ISIS) raid but also inappropriate governance and injustice. Looking at the phase of pre-ISIS, and taking the real estate sector as an example, we see that encroaching on public lands was common. The masterplan of Mosul, devised in 1973, was neither […]

Kurds in the “disputed territories”
Self-deprecating and shirking responsibility

Kirkuk, August 2017, The main street of the city seen from the historical Kirkuk Citadel. Photo: Bnar Sardar

Salam Omer* Kurdish politicians are no stranger to the parable: Our friends are those who make us cry! A Turkmen friend came up with a crystal clear suggestion, though might not make you cry, and gives you an opportunity to resolve the pending issues. With an Eid message, he sent a couple of pragmatic and […]

Minority rights are not just slogans

A shot from KirkukNow's footage about coexistence, "pluralism is a bliss."

Khidir Domli The officials of the Kurdistan region have failed, now for 25 years, to learn how to manage a multi-ethnic, religious, sectarian administration, and they do not seem to learn anyway. They have been selling, now for 25 years, the image of the region, an oasis of coexistence. Whenever they see foreign diplomats, they […]

Growing influence of ISIS in Kirkuk, reasons and recommendations

Kirkuk, mid-2014, a number of Islamic State militants in their base in Mala Abdulla village of south Kirkuk. Photo: KirkukNow

  Yassen Taha Late in June 2014, the spokesman of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) issued a video footage announcing a name change, from the widely used the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” to only the “Islamic State”. With the announcement of the “Islamic Caliphate”, Abubakar al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself a “Caliph […]

Two options emerge for majority government in Iraq

Nuri al-Maliki, Hadi al-Amri, Ammar al-Hakim, Muqtada al-Sadr, Haidar al-Abadi

  Yassen Taha The parliamentary election in Iraq ended with disarray and exchange of tirade, due to the claims of fraud and rigging the results. However, such developments did not prevent the winning parties to communicate and start negotiating secretly to form a government. Bilateral and multilateral meetings in Baghdad’s green zone and the Kurdistan […]

Appeals, suspicion, and revocation confine election results

Kirkuk, 12 May 2018, general voting in Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Kirkuk Now

Yassen Taha The second extraordinary session of parliament could not reach the quorum and was delayed for an identified time. However, what was exposed in the assembly through some parliamentarians have deepened suspicions concerning the election process, and the Ministers Council issued a decree to investigate the suspicions and fraud evidence, to leave the dossier […]

Kurdish intra-party struggle to win disputed areas

Kirkuk, 7 March 2010, a number of Kurdish voters celebrate after voting in Iraqi parliamentary elections, with waiving Kurdish flag in one of the streets of Kirkuk. Photo: Metrography Agency

Shorsh Khalid – Kirkuk Now In the disputed areas, Kurdish parties fear of losing a huge portion of their votes. The developments of 16 October 2017, the independence referendum, withdrawal of security forces, lack of administrative authority, and their internal chaotic condition, are major reasons which might well lower the votes of the powerful Kurdish […]

5 Principles for Iraq

THE disintegration of Iraq and Syria is upending an order that has defined the Middle East for a century. It is a huge event, and we as a country need to think very carefully about how to respond. Having just returned from Iraqtwo weeks ago, my own thinking is guided by five principles, and the first […]

Justice for Hoshang

Rahman Ghareeb[1] Hoshang Yaseen is an eighteen year old computing institute student in Kirkuk. He is also a reporter for the Zagros space channel and the reporters’ agent for to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK). A Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) peshmarga shot him on Election Day and injured him. Before the PUK peshmarga direced […]

‘Blood for blood’ an ignorant statement

  Before talking about Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s declaration, I wonder about America and its embassy’s quick and hasty statement that called on ‘the government of Iraq… to hold the perpetrator of this criminal act accountable.’ Is this not a quick decision on an issue that must be decided by the court before anyone else? […]

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