Will Kurdistan referendum achieve its objective in disputed territories? 

Shorsh Khalid Masoud Barzani alongside several representatives of other political parties announced on 7th of June that a referendum for independence will be held on 25th of September in the three provinces in the Kurdistan region and the disputed territories. The Change Movement (Change) and Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) which together have 30 seats in […]

Charshama Sur the Sacred Day

Dyari Khalid Charshama Sur, or the Yezidis New Year, is one of oldest ceremonies for the Yezidis. It is celebrated annually on second Wednesday of April. Charshama Sur, translated as Red Wednesday, is a sacred day and widely celebrated by the Yezidis. April for Yezidis! Yezidis believe April is a scared month and is called […]

KirkukNow Relaunches as the Media Platform for Citizens in Iraq’s “Disputed Territories”

Iraq’s disputed territories remain an issue of fundamental significance for peace and stability in the country; these areas have become the centre of attention since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, and more importantly since the Islamic State (ISIS) overran large swathes of northern and western Iraq in 2014. KirkukNow is the only […]

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