Growing influence of ISIS in Kirkuk, reasons and recommendations

Kirkuk, mid-2014, a number of Islamic State militants in their base in Mala Abdulla village of south Kirkuk. Photo: KirkukNow

  Yassen Taha Late in June 2014, the spokesman of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) issued a video footage announcing a name change, from the widely used the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” to only the “Islamic State”. With the announcement of the “Islamic Caliphate”, Abubakar al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself a “Caliph […]

Calls to review security of disputed areas intensify

The meeting between KRG's ministry of peshmerga and the international coalition delegation on 2 July. Photo: Media Department of the Ministry of Peshmerga

Soran Muhammad – Kirkuk The recent security breaches in Kirkuk and other disputed areas led to intensifying calls by the international coalition and peshmerga forces to review the security situation of the disputed areas. The Ministry of Peshmerga released a statement after the meeting confirming that the two parties discussed the security situation in the […]

Forces deployed south of Kirkuk to protect minorities

Kirkuk, June 2018, Kakaiyi residents of Daquq are eager for protection. Photo: KirkukNow

Kirkuk – KirkukNow After a number of armed attacks and abductions last week, two forces from the federal police and Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) were deployed in the Kakaiyi-resident villages of Daquq. Residents say the move may well decrease their fears and worries. Kakaiyi is a distinct sect, of which their people mostly populate the […]

Attempts to raid ballot warehouses in Kirkuk failed

Kirkuk, 1 July, the aftermath of a car bomb explosion on Baghdad-Kirkuk road, near a ballot box warehouse of Kirkuk. Photo: KirkukNow exclusive

Two consecutive explosions targeted the ballot warehouses of Kirkuk on 1 July, in what an official called it a ‘failed attempt’ to raid the warehouses. Major-General Maan Saadi, the Law-enforcement commander in Kirkuk confirmed the news claiming they repelled a raid by “a car bomb” to enter the ballot warehouses. In a statement, Saadi said, […]

Two options emerge for majority government in Iraq

Nuri al-Maliki, Hadi al-Amri, Ammar al-Hakim, Muqtada al-Sadr, Haidar al-Abadi

  Yassen Taha The parliamentary election in Iraq ended with disarray and exchange of tirade, due to the claims of fraud and rigging the results. However, such developments did not prevent the winning parties to communicate and start negotiating secretly to form a government. Bilateral and multilateral meetings in Baghdad’s green zone and the Kurdistan […]

More than 78% turnout in Special Voting throughout Iraq

Kirkuk, 10 May 2018, Special Voting for Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Omer Jawad

Kirkuk Now The final turnout of the Special Voting process in Iraq passed 78%, while some eligible voters could not take part due to technical issues. Early on Thursday 10 May, the ballot boxes were open for hundreds of thousands of security and military officers along with prisoners, a process which continued until 06:00 PM […]

50 Years of Winning did not Bring Peace
Winning a War in Disputed Areas is Easier than Achieving Peace

*Sangar Rasul On a hot summer day in July 1967, when Levi Eshkol was Israel’s Prime Minister, he commented about the Jerusalem victory: “We won a good dowry, but with an unhappy bride”. 50 years later, the PM’s comment came true; Israel won the war, but didn’t achieve peace! In every disputed area like Israel […]

Economic Desertification of the Disputed Areas

From the Sunni Dictatorship and the Shia Chaotic Democracy to a Kurdish Nationalistic Perspective Sangar R. Mahmood In the past 50 years, for the Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens living in the disputed areas, but the mentality behind the Sunni’s Agal(Arabic turban), Shia’s Ammama (religious turban) and The Kurd’s Jamanawa and Shrwal (traditional Kurdish clothing) are […]

Will Kurdistan referendum achieve its objective in disputed territories? 

Shorsh Khalid Masoud Barzani alongside several representatives of other political parties announced on 7th of June that a referendum for independence will be held on 25th of September in the three provinces in the Kurdistan region and the disputed territories. The Change Movement (Change) and Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) which together have 30 seats in […]

Charshama Sur the Sacred Day

Dyari Khalid Charshama Sur, or the Yezidis New Year, is one of oldest ceremonies for the Yezidis. It is celebrated annually on second Wednesday of April. Charshama Sur, translated as Red Wednesday, is a sacred day and widely celebrated by the Yezidis. April for Yezidis! Yezidis believe April is a scared month and is called […]

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