Kurds and Turkmens in Tuz Khurmatu
Preventing each other to freely practice electoral campaigns

Zhino Khalil-Saladden Even though some say that the electoral campaign in Tuz Khurmatu district in Saladden province is freely exercised, IHEC and candidates say that the supporters of Kurdish and Turkmen political parties prevent each other to freely practice the electoral campaigns in some neighborhoods. The electoral campaigns for the coming Iraqi parliament election started […]

IHEC solves the issue of October 16th development refugees
They can vote in the camps in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)

Karwan Salihi-Kirkuk Independent High Electoral Commission approves the alternative for the displaced people due to the October 16th development in the disputed areas to be allowed to vote at their refugee camps in KRI provinces without the need to come back to their provinces. After the Iraqi security forces returned to the disputed areas on […]

Based on the latest survey of Al-Rafidain Center for Dialogue
No Iraqi list and alliance gets more than 60 seats

Kirkuknow Based on the latest survey of Al-Rafidain Center for Dialogue, the Shiite component votes will increase in the coming Iraqi parliament election, in contrast, the Kurds and Sunni components votes will decline. Meanwhile, no list and alliance will be able to exceed sixty seats. The mentioned center is an independent and intellectual agora to […]

Sunnis in Elections
Change imminent and representation under Threat

Yaseen Taha Many believe that the Sunni groups will be the power-brokers in the next Iraqi Council of Representatives in determining the candidate for premiership since the Kurds lost much of their sources of strength and political cards due to the Kurdish referendum’s consequences as well as the Shia political groups’ fragmentation in coalitions which […]

Only Component without a Quota Seat
Kakayees seek to reach Parliament

Omar Saber – KirkukNow Only Kakaees left outside the Iraqi parliament’s quota system as the country is planned to hold the national elections after the Iraqi forces have retaken areas under the Islamic State (ISIS) last year. Kakaee voters complain of being denied a quota seat in the country’s Council of Representatives similar to other […]

Kurds may lose thousands of votes in disputed areas

Narin Rosatm, Erbil The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in Iraq has said that it will not provide any ballot boxes outside Kirkuk and Salahadden provinces for the voters who have left the provinces due to the October 16, 2017 developments putting thousands of Kurdish votes near waste. Tens of thousands of Kurdish families especially from Kirkuk, […]

Ten thousand people will be hired by IHEC in Kirkuk

Goran Baban-Kirkuknow The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) office in Kirkuk announced that they need to hire ten thousand employees as preparation for the coming election on 12th May. Abd-Al-Basit Darwesh, IHEC administrator of communication and media in Kirkuk, told Kirkuknow, “We need to hire ten thousand employees for the coming election as election […]

Over 2000 female candidates will stand for Iraqi parliament election

Kirkuknow According to the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq, 2014 female candidates alongside five thousands male candidates will compete for the coming Iraqi parliament election. In a statement, the commission has approved the candidates of the lists, and announced that after the audit, 6986 candidates, which 2014 of them are female, are left to […]

Seven million biometric voter cards are handed out to voters in Iraq

Kirkuknow Seven million biometric voter cards has been distributed in Iraq, and through their centers, they accurately observe the process to prevent any illegal dealing that might be committed with these cards, Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) says. Up to now, eleven million biometric voter cards are registered and completed, and only seven million cards […]

“Killer” of first election candidate identified; Whereabouts unknown

Ibrahim Obeidi –Kirkuk The young lecturer was at his favourite barber shop in Kirkuk’s downtown for a haircut before being shot and killed while on his way to drive his car on Baghdad Main road, south east of Kirkuk; authorities have identified the assassin of Ali Almas Ghaeib almost two months after the crime. Almas […]

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