Infographic: 23% of Current MPs cannot Stand as Candidates for 2018 Elections

KirkukNow After the parliament’s voting on the First Amendments of the Elections Laws, where one of its articles states that MP candidates should have BA certificate or its equivalent to stand for the upcoming parliamentary elections on May 12, 2018. According to the new law, 23% of current MPs cannot run for 2018 elections because […]

Iraqi President Approves Elections Law Amendment

KirkukNow   In a statement, Iraq presidency’s media office announced the president, Fuad Masum, ratified the first amendment of Iraqi parliamentary Election Law no. 45 of 2013 on Wednesday January 14, 2018. The statement added: “this law that parliament voted on earlier, that is based on the constitution item (1) of article (61) and item […]

Yusuf Mohammed Heads “Coalition of Homeland” List

KirkukNow Former Kurdistan parliament speaker, Yusuf Mohammed leads “Coalition of Homeland”, a joint list of three political Kurdish political parties in “disputed areas” of Ninavah, Kirkuk, Salahaddin and Diyala provinces. Movement for Change (Gorran) official said to KirkukNow “all three political parties: Movement for Change, Kurdistan Islamic Group and Coalition for Democracy and Justice agreed […]

Kurdish Parties Endeavour to Form Coalition for 2018 Elections

Soran Mohammed- Kirkuk The Kurdish parties have increased their efforts to form a coalition that includes all the Kurdish fractions and parties to stand for the upcoming parliamentary elections as one constituent to retain their former status in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. The Kurdish parties hold a meeting on Sunday 7/1 to confer the elections […]

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