Majority support federal court decision to amend election bill

Kirkuk, 21 June 2018, Federal Court hearing concerning the amendment of election law in parliament. Photo: Federal Court.

  KirkukNow The vast majority of political parties in Iraq and the Kurdistan region welcomed the federal court decision on the election amendment bill, waiting for the manual recount to resolve the case once and for all. The court approved all the sections of the bill amendment on Thursday, except the third section which deems […]

PUK and KDP to lose seats in Ninewa and Kirkuk

Kirkuk, 10 May 2018, The special voting process in the Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: KirkukNow

  KirkukNow Both Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] and the Kurdistan Democratic Party [KDP] can be found as major losers in Iraq as the third revision of parliamentary election law was approved, by losing many seats in parliament. Iraqi parliament approved the third amendment of the parliamentary election law on 6 June, which dictates the […]

Election brought surprises and complications

Baghdad, 12 May 2018, a woman shows her ink-stained index finger before Iraqi national flag after having cast her vote. Photo: AFP

Sirwan Hussein – KirkukNow   The parliamentary election in Iraq turned to dispute most of the expectations. It prevented the political blocs from winning the majority of seats, increased Shia votes on the expense of Sunnis and turned the Kurds back to eight years ago. According to the election results of 12 May, no political […]

Two options emerge for majority government in Iraq

Nuri al-Maliki, Hadi al-Amri, Ammar al-Hakim, Muqtada al-Sadr, Haidar al-Abadi

  Yassen Taha The parliamentary election in Iraq ended with disarray and exchange of tirade, due to the claims of fraud and rigging the results. However, such developments did not prevent the winning parties to communicate and start negotiating secretly to form a government. Bilateral and multilateral meetings in Baghdad’s green zone and the Kurdistan […]

“10% of votes to be manually recounted”
Parliament cancelled overseas and conditional votes

Baghdad, 28 May 2018, an extraordinary session of the Iraqi parliament to discuss the elections. Photo: Parliament media

KirkukNow The Iraqi parliament decided to cancel the overseas and conditional votes and called on the electoral body to manually recount all the ballots throughout the country. The decision was made in an extraordinary session, held on 28 May, with 168 parliamentarians present. The session was on the request of some MPs to discuss the […]

Appeals, suspicion, and revocation confine election results

Kirkuk, 12 May 2018, general voting in Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: Kirkuk Now

Yassen Taha The second extraordinary session of parliament could not reach the quorum and was delayed for an identified time. However, what was exposed in the assembly through some parliamentarians have deepened suspicions concerning the election process, and the Ministers Council issued a decree to investigate the suspicions and fraud evidence, to leave the dossier […]

None from Sinjar
Three Yezidi candidates elected to Iraqi parliament

Sheikhan, 17 April 2018, Red Wednesday Feast in Lalish temple. Photo: Muhannad Sinjari

Muhannad Sinjari Three Yazidi candidates were able to win seats in the Iraqi parliament, without any representative from Sinjar among them, while 50 Yezidi candidates competed throughout the campaign to win one seat each in Ninawa province. According to the parliamentary election of 12 May, two candidates of Yezidi component could reach parliament through mainstream […]

After Rakan Saeed Elected
Kirkuk Awaits New Governor

Rakan Saeed al-Jabouri, acting Kirkuk governor. Photo: KirkukNow exclusive

Kirkuk – KirkukNow After Rakan Saeed was elected to be a member of Iraqi parliament, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] demands the position of governorship once again. Saeed secured a seat in the parliament by winning 10 thousand 433 votes through the Arab Alliance in Kirkuk. “We once against ask for that position. The […]

IHEC staff lives under threat
Director of IHEC in Kirkuk left office

Kirkuk, the centre where votes were counted in the Iraqi parliamentary elections of April 2014. Photo: Karwan Salhi

Kirkuk – KirkukNow The director of the Inedepent High Electoral Commission in Kirkuk, Imad Wali, has left his office due to the threats facing him and his employees, according to two sources who spoke to Kirkuk Now. An informed source about the IHEC in Kirkuk said, “Imad Wali has not worked since 13 May and […]

Arab group claims election was rigged
PUK says parties aim at fomenting tension

Kirkuk, 14 May 2018, the Arab group of Kirkuk Governorate Council accuses an unidentified political party of rigging the elections.

Arab group in Kirkuk Governorate Council said the election was rigged and it may lead Kirkuk to an obscure situation, but PUK, which is accused often of ‘orchestrating’ the election, rejects the blame. “Arab component had the largest participation in the election in the province, but the results have been played with, which leads Kirkuk […]

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