In pictures: Ezidis gather at Lalish Temple for Olive Harvest ceremony

Muhannad Shingali- Ninawa Ezidis congregated in large numbers at the Holy Temple of Lalish in Shekhan, Ninawa on Tuesday, November 20 to celebrate the Olive Harvest ceremony. The olives are picked from the temple’s olive grove, which comprises 750 to 800 olive trees. The oil which is later extracted from the olives is used to […]

Statistics on violence against women in the Kurdistan Region during the first 9 months of 2018

Rescued Ezidi girl smiles with hope after ISIS

Nineveh, Ausut 2018, Samar, a rescued Ezidi girl is hoping for lofty dreams now. Photo: KirkukNow

Ali Ayad – Nineveh Samar, an Ezidi girl who was “a servant of ISIS” is now actively attempting to realize her dreams. She joined school again and raises her voice against oppression. She says, with a smile, “I am happy.”    

Success story
From hobby to business

Tavga Tahseen has recently started a shop to exhibit and sell her craft

Narin Rostam – KirkukNow Tavga Tahseen never leaves a country empty-handed, always collecting various gems and stones she could have to use them in her craft as a jeweller. It has been her longing for 30 years, as she recently considered opening a place to exhibit and sell her craft in the form of necklaces […]

Top 10 women parliamentary candidates with highest number of votes

Photos of top 10 women candidates with the highest number of votes in Iraqi parliament election of 12 May 2018

KirkukNow Nine of the top 10 women candidates of 12 May 2018 Iraqi parliamentary election were from Kurdish (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) PUK and (Kurdistan Democratic Party) KDP. The Independent Higher Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the results of the election on 19 May, while scores of women made it to the parliament, some of them […]

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