WADI says awareness of FGM growing

WADI staff delivering a seminar about the rights of vulnerable groups

KirkukNow In a statement released on 14 August, the rights group WADI said the awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM) is growing in the Kurdistan region. More organizations “acknowledge the urgency of the situation,” according to WADI, including UN agencies. WADI has been working on the issue since its commencement in 2004, “WADI has been […]

The day Nadia returned home

Kocho village, Sinjar, 1 June 2017, Nadia Murad is sitting where the Islamic State [ISIS] gathered all people of Sinjar in August 2014 when they took over the city. Photo: Fazil Hawrami

Fazil Hawrami Nadia Murad, an Ezidi survivor of the Islamic State (ISIS) and a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations, returned home in Sinjar, Kocho village, after three years of departure. Nadia returned home on 1 June 2017, where 12 of her siblings are still missing due to the ISIS raid, where she lost her […]

Success story
Shno and Kalsum are top graduates

Shno Yusuf and Kalsum Saud are top students in science and humanities departments in Kirkuk. Photo: Muhamamd Abdulkhaliq

Muhammad Abdulkhaliq – Kirkuk Studying in a small room in an old house in Kirkuk, they could barely move while preparing for the final exams of their high school. Both Shno and Kalsum could make it on top without any private tutors and training courses. Poor financial conditions could not challenge them. Shno and Kalsum […]

Kakaiyis look for safety
Tens of families fled Daquq to Qarahanjir

Kirkuk, June 2018, the residents of Daquq villages [south of Kirkuk] need protection. Photo: KirkukNow

Muhammad Almas – Kirkuk Sardar is living far from home, in the hope of finding a haven. Along with tens of other Kakaiyi families, his family left their village in Daquq district, south of Kirkuk, to Qarahanjir town. They cannot return yet. Sardar Fatah said, “The Islamic State [ISIS] militants are the reason behind our […]

Rescued Ezidi girl smiles with hope after ISIS

Nineveh, Ausut 2018, Samar, a rescued Ezidi girl is hoping for lofty dreams now. Photo: KirkukNow

Ali Ayad – Nineveh Samar, an Ezidi girl who was “a servant of ISIS” is now actively attempting to realize her dreams. She joined school again and raises her voice against oppression. She says, with a smile, “I am happy.”    

Death of refugee family in Aegean

Farah, Dalal, and Nagham drowned with their mother. Photo courtesy of Hunar Raad

Laila Ahmed – Salahadin Hunar has seen a lot of tragedies in his life, but the last one literally brought his house down. In a few seconds, he lost his wife, and three daughters in the Aegean sea. It was on Thursday, 9 August 2018, the six-member family were floating the ever-dangerous waters of the […]

Siblings are top students in Iraq
After for years of displacement

Kirkuk, 8 August 2018, Asma and Aseer could realise their dreams and earned the highest degree in Iraq/ Photo: Karwan Salhi

Karwan Salhi – KirkukNow Announcing the final baccalauréat results proved that displacement is no barrier for people’s dreams, Asma and Aseer, a sibling in Kirkuk, are the best examples of that. Asma, 23, and Aseer, 18, earned the highest grade in bac exams in all Iraq while spending four years in displacement. Displacement Four years […]

Minority rights are not just slogans

A shot from KirkukNow's footage about coexistence, "pluralism is a bliss."

Khidir Domli The officials of the Kurdistan region have failed, now for 25 years, to learn how to manage a multi-ethnic, religious, sectarian administration, and they do not seem to learn anyway. They have been selling, now for 25 years, the image of the region, an oasis of coexistence. Whenever they see foreign diplomats, they […]

Rights group WADI delivers 246 seminars on justice for vulnerable people

WADI staff delivering a seminar about the rights of vulnerable groups

KirkukNow WADI has delivered 146 seminars for 3,000 women in different places of the disputed areas and the Kurdistan region, on the subject of justice for vulnerable groups. The project started in January 2017, funded by the European Union. It aims at improving the human rights situation in prisons through social and legal awareness seminars, […]

Who are the Ezidis?

Lalish, April 2018, the Red Wednesday ceremony of Yazidi component. Photo: Heman Baban

KirkukNow Ezidis were hurt the most during the Islamic State (ISIL) rule in the Middle East. As ISIL raid mounted on Sinjar district, 120km west of Mosul, 100 thousand Ezidis were surrounded without access to food or water. The crisis put them on the focus suddenly. Ezidis live in the different areas, mostly northern Iraq, […]

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