Protesters set Hawija Police Dept on fire

Protesters burnt Hawija Police building on Friday March 11. Protests in Krikuk turned violent when some protesters set the Hawija police department on fire, burning cars and seizing guns. Kirkuk News correspondent mentioned that the protesters also released some prisoners after confirming the news of Hawija police incident. When the clashes happended between security forces […]

Apeaceful demonstration in Kirkuk to demand of prosecute corruptors

Friday, more than five hundred  people of Kirkuk are demonstrating, in front of the city council to demand a better services, fighting corruption and prosecuting corruptors. The demonstrators demanded the authorities to stabilise the security situation, provide job opportunities for the unemployed, improve the services, fight against corruption and to prosecute the corruptors. Kirkuk now’s reporter […]

Urgent: 2 killed and 12 wounded in Hawija demonstration

Medical source reported in Hawija Hospital on Friday, that the clashes between demonstrators and security forces have killed two civilians and wounded ten others, because of the shots fired by security forces.  The whole country is witnessing demonstrations today on Friday, which aimed to make political reforms, services and combat corruption, as the government warned of the […]

Clashes between demonstrators and police forces in Hawija and news of casualties

A correspondent of Kirkuk Now said, currently… clashes have occurred between demonstratoes and police forces in Hawija. The forces shotes fire in the air, protestors responded by throwing stones, which lead to casualties, and without knowing more details. According to eyewitnesses, Kirkuk Naw’s  correspondent Yassin Sabawi  has been wounded during the clashes. Hawija today’s demonstration comes among series of demonstrations that […]

People of Hawija are demonstrating to disband the local council

Today on Friday, demonstrators in Hawija go toward the Judicial council building inorder to dissolve the local council and improve services. The correspondent of Kirkuk Now jadiciary said: that since the early morning, citizens went down to the streets in order to demonstrate against the local council  demanding a disband to the council and improve the services and fight […]

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