Earning a drivers license through internet

Brig. Salar Ahmed, head of Kirkuk's Traffic Police

Interviewing head of Traffic Police in Kirkuk by Imran Sabirz As a result of Iraq’s chaotic traffic situation, many people have been driving without a license for years.  Their numbers are increasing day by day, causing grave accidents to innocent citizens.  Traffic Police in Kirkuk decided to give licenses recently and many people tried to […]

Workers demonstrate for an increase of their wages

Lailan Cement Factory workers demonstrate for three hours with no response. Inas Alwandi, Kirkuk  Ahmed, one of the workers of Lailan Cement Factory told Kirkuk Now that they demonstrated for three hours on March 30 in an effort to increase their wages.  “We work from 8 am to 5 pm at very low wages, and […]

Hawija officials meet village chiefs

Hawija officials meet the chief of villages in an effort to provide better services for the district. Yasin al-Sab’awi, Hawija  After a meeting between Hawija officials and village chiefs at the Provincial Council apartment, Ali Salih, Head of Hawija’s Provincial Council told Kirkuk Now, “Every time we have a meeting with the village chiefs it […]

Six injured in car accident

Six injured on Kirkuk highway in a car accident involving two cars Nwenar Fatih, Kirkuk A source from Kirkuk Joint Room Operations told Kirkuk Now, “A Toyota-Corolla collided with a Gulf car causing injuries to six people on the Kirkuk-Hawler highway, today (March 29).”  According to this source, the forces of Prde Police arrived with […]

Drug dealer arrested

Kirkuk Security Forces have arrested two “terrorists” with a drug dealer. Ahmed Shwani, Kirkuk A source from Kirkuk Security-Media department told Kirkuk Now, that there forces could arrest a couple of “terrorists” who belong to Ansar al-Islam group after surveillance and getting secret information. He said the “terrorists” were both from Hai Askari, Kirkuk and […]

Locally Re-Filled Perfume Bottle Is Popular Among Youngsters

Re-filling bottles...By: Muhana al-Shamari

Scent of perfume is attractive with having costumers from every crusts of society. After ending years of Iraqi isolation, trading with international factories are much easier. Exportation of several types of perfume from France and Britain has become routine. In Kirkuk, Perfume shops are mostly located in Prede 2 bazaar, Atlas St. and some other […]

A scene from the Kirkuk’s protest

A scence from Kirkuk's protest Feb 25 2011

Sekani Theatre Group honors the memory of theatre martyrs

A Scence from the "Moon's Neighbour"...By: Muhana al-Shamari

In the memory of theatre martyrs and world theatre day (March 27), Sekani theatre group in cooperation with Fine Arts Institution of Kirkuk played “Moon’s Neighbour”.

Governor and Head of Provincial Council appointed for Kirkuk

Kikruk Provincial Council...By: Ahmed Shwani

Dr. Nejmedin Karim was elected as governor and Hasan Torhan as head of Kirkuk’s Provincial Council (KPC) in a meeting on March 29. Ahmed Shwani, Kirkuk: 32 votes were cast to Nejmedin Karim to be Kirkuk’s governor, and 31 to Hasan Torhan to the head of KPC as Ahmed Askar, KPC member confirmed for Krikuk […]

Protest against lack of services in Kirkuk

Protest against lack of services in Kirkuk, Feb 25 2011...By: Nwenar Fatih

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