Girls table tennis tournament begins

The tournament...Photo: Karwan Salhi

Girls table tennis contest in Kirkuk province starts with 12 teams participating

50 organizations demand the release of an April 25th incident report

  In an announcement to Kurdistan, Iraq and UN officials, 50 organizations in Kirkuk demand the release of the April 25th incident report.

Bomb blast injures two citizens

A bomb blast results in wounding two citizens today, April 28.

UN envoy meets with Kirkuk leaders

Kirkuk Governor with UN envoy...Photo: Muhana al-Shamari

Ad Melkert, UN envoy to Iraq visited Kirkuk and met with the governor as they tried to find a mechanism for holding elections in Kirkuk.

Four explosions target army and security forces

Place of the explosions...Photo: Muhana al-Shamari

Four bombs exploded in Almas Street (north of Kirkuk city) late in the evening of April 26, causing fatalities among the security forces, police and also citizens.

Kirkuk engineers protest

  60 engineers from the Kirkuk Municipality launched a protest to raise their wages.

Seminar held on the role of statistics for society

Seminar on statistics...Photo: Ali Hikmat

The Statistics Department of the Business Administration College held its first scientific seminar entitled, Statistics for society.

Iraqi army rescues three Turkish hostages

Iraqi army...Photo: Nwenar Fatih

The 12th brigade has succesfully been able to rescue three Turkish engineers in Rashad. They were kidnapped in mid-February by yet unknown insurgents.

Committee formed to investigate April 25th incident

The car hit by bullet...Photo: Muhana al-Shamari

      Kirkuk security officials met today (April 25) to discuss the  incident which occured earlier in the day and decided to form a committee to investigate the  issue. 

Security press conference held about the incident on April 25th

Joint press conference...Photo: Muhana al-Shamari

Kirkuk Police held a joint press conference with the Security Forces on the April 25th incident between the Security Forces and the Iraqi army.

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