Pilgrims chosen by drawing straws

Dler Jabar Jalal, assistant director of Hajj and Umrah Commision...Photo: Inas al-Wandi

Following increasing requests for pilgrimage, the government decides to rely on toss to choose candidates.

Unidentified body discovered in east Kirkuk

  Uruba Police announced the discovery of an unidentified body in east Kirkuk. 

Member of Islamic State Group arrested in Hawija

  Joint Forces arrested an Islamic State Group member in Hawija which had taken part in several assaults. 

Final exams take place in corridors due to excessive heat

Exam Corridor...Photo: Nibras Kirkuki

School management decides to use school corridors as exam halls.

Family disintegration destroys children

Ahmed is crying...Photo: Inas al-Wandi

“I want dad … I used to call him when he was working and ask him to bring gifts to me.” This is what was reported by the child Ahmed Mohamed, who is a six-year-old boy living with his mother after his parents’ divorce because of social problems. 

Bomb disabled in Shorija

One of the Kirkuk streets...Photo: Shakhawan Mahmood

Planted bomb was disabled before exploding in Shorija. A source from the Kirkuk police department reports that, “the Explosive Expert team disabled a bomb today (May 26) in Shorija.” The source said that the bomb was planted to target civilians.

Grand Kirkuk, city’s biggest mosque

Interior of Grand Kirkuk Mosuqe...Photo Muahana al-Shamari

Grand Kirkuk became city’s biggest mosqueGrand Kirkuk which is located in the centre of city, was built in 1963. 

Hawija urges cooperation between security officials

The meetin...Photo: Yasin al-Sab'awi

Hawija Local Council held a meeting to elect new chiefs for Hawija villages on Tuesday May 24 and discussed a number of issues including security and immigration.

Service and Info

Kirkuk City...Photo: Shakhawan Mahmood

May 24, 8am to May 25, 8am

Governor urges new intensive security plan

Security meeting...Photo: Ali Hikmat

Kirkuk Governor asked security officials to form a new security plan to avoid terrorism.

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