White Iraqiya list official marks Kirkuk as Kurdish city

Kirkuk city...Photo Nwenar Fatih

  Head of White Iraqiya list says that Kirkuk is a Kurdish city. Nahida al-Dlemi marks his speech as sheer opinion and says Kirkuk is for everybody. 

Security might be involved in abductions

Kirkuk security forces....Photo Nwenar Fatih

  Iraqi House of Representatives (IHR) unanimously decided on forming a commission to investigate physician abductions in Kirkuk. 

National Reconciliation office opened in Kirkuk

Attendants of the opening ceremony...Photo Muhana al-Shamari

A branch of National Reconciliation office is opened in Kikruk. Their main intention is to fight against carrying guns without permission.

Kirkuk does not get benefit from oil due to wrong policy

Kirkuk Oil...Photo Newnar Fatih

Deputy Governor of Kirkuk says Kirkuk does not get any advantages from its oil resources, despite polluting the city.

Khak FC takes part in international championship

Scene from the second match of Khak

  Khak FC from Kirkuk took part in Gutta international football championship in Sweden, and won a good rank.

PUK and KDP concerned about security in Kirkuk

KDP and PUK logo

Ruling parties of Kurdistan region, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) announced on July 24 in Erbil, that they are concerned about the daily crimes in the disputed areas.

Service and Info

  June 26, 10am to June 27, 10am

Physician murdered following failed kidnapping attempt

Police forces...Photo Kirkuk Now

An Arab-ethnic physician was killed when he tried to escape from his attempted  kidnapping, along with worker who was killed at a seperate location.

Three Kirkukis to play with Iraqi baseball team for girls

Baseball match...Photo Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk baseball teams for girls couldn’t win in the Iraqi baseball champion, but three players chosen to Iraqi team.

First martyr of pen murders to be revealed

Soran Mama Hama, the first martyr of pen

  Three years have passed since Soran Mama Hama’s murder, but no committee has been formed to investigate the case. Intellectuals and journalists complain that the investigations have had no results. 

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