Traffic police to control streets during Eid

Kirkuk cars...Photo Nwenar Fatih

Kirkuk traffic police officially announced their plan to put more agents on the street in order to prevent incidents during Eid.

Asiacell launches new services to compensate system change

Asiacell press conference...Photo Shakawan Mahmood

Dyar Ahmed ,CEO of telecommunication company Asiacell, holds the Iraqi parliament responsible for the change of paying for seconds rather than minutes. He also announced that his company launched new services to reduce the cost of communication. 

Two suspects arrested in Kirkuk hospital

According to a source from the police, two people were arrested in the public hospital of Kirkuk.

Kirkuk governor considers change in police as necessary

Police and Peshmarga in Kirkuk...Photo Nwenar Fatih

Kirkuk administration changed several police officials, and governor considers the step as necessary.

Car accident results in 31 fatalties

Kirkuk Cars...Photo Shakhawan Mahmood

An incident between a bus and Mazda-type car on Kirkuk-Dubis highway leaves 31 casualties. 

Service and Info

August 24, 10 am to August 25, 10 am Kirkuk Now will publish the latest incidents, services, currency, and transportation expenses of Kirkuk city. ———————————————————————– Currency US $100 ——————- 120.150 Iraqi dinars(ID) Euro 100 —————— 173.250 ID Syrian Lira 1000 ——— 26.000 ID Tuman 149 —————- 150 ID ———————————————————————– Gold 1 troy ounce, 21k ——— […]

Kirkuk oil export reaches 14 million barrels in 7 months

Kirkuk oil refinery working...Photo Ahmed Shwani

  A member of economy and financial commission in the Iraqi parliament announced that Kirkuk oil exports reached 14.200.000 barrels in past seven months. 

Possible formation of a Kurdish-Turkmon region worries Arabs

The idea of Kurdish-Turkmon region worries Arabs...Photo Kirkuk Now

A statement made by a Turkmon official concerning the possibility of forming a Turkmon-Kurdish region worries Arabs about their future in the region.

Strategic investors in Kirkuk not to pay tax for 10 years

Kirkuk investment committee announced that according to the investment law, strategic investment projects would not be taxed for ten years. 

Archbishop and imam of Kirkuk celebrate Iftar with 30 orphans

Ramadan gathers different religious groups

The bishop and the Islamic religious leader attended the dinner organized by the Center for Human Rights in the city. Archbishop Sako gave an envelope with money to the Muslim children as “an expression of support from fellow Christians.” During Ramadan, there are many gestures of solidarity between Christians and Muslims. But still more attacks on […]

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