Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline oil exports halted

North Oil Company...Photo Kirkuk Now

A North Oil Company (NOC) source said that the Iraqi government has halted oil exports of the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline because of technical problems. 

Turkmen: 90% of our rights not given

Islamic Turkmen Party logo

  Najat Hussein, a high-ranking official of the Turkmen Islamic Party, says that 90% of their rights have not been given. “We should have these rights through Article 140,” Hussein said. 

Explosion results in 78 casualties

The explosion...Photo Ahmed Shwani

A car bomb blast near the June 1 Bank in Kirkuk leaves three dead and 75 wounded.

Investigation launched into physician threats

Dr. Yildrim Abbas during work...Photo Kirkuk Now

A report concerning threats against physicians was given to an Iraqi parliament committee. Kirkuk officials promise to protect physicians.

Police discover Naqshabandi Group training site

Kirkuk City...Photo Ahmed Shwani

Kirkuk police officials announced today that they have discovered a training site of the Naqshabandi Group in Kirkuk province. 

2 Billion Iraqi dinars to Awqaf of Kirkuk

Kirkuk Provincial Council during a meeting...Photo Ahmed Shwani

The Kirkuk Provincial Council (KPC) dedicated 2 billion Iraqi dinars to the religious Awqaf (Religious councils) of Sunni, Shiite and Christians on Tuesday, September 27 to implement projects relevant to them.

Driver dies in car accident

  A driver died on the Kirkuk-Sulaimani road near Chiman village after he lost control of his Mazda-type car. 

Iraqi ethnic groups festival ended in Kifry

A scene from the festival...Photo Abdulla Sabir

The Kifry festival for Maqam ended yesterday, September 26. Awards were offered to more than 25 participants of the festival.

Three-year-old child dies after being run over by car

A street in Kirkuk...Photo Jamshid Zangana

A three-year-old boy died today at Rahimawa Street after a vehicle drove over him.

UPDATE: Schools open today in Kirkuk

Students enter school...Photo Nwenar Fatih

At 8 am students flooded into schools today to begin the new school year of 2011-2012.

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