Talabani project includes all disputed areas

Kirkuk City...Photo Karwan Salhi

Jalal Talabani, president of the Iraqi republic, is set to give a project to the Iraqi parliament concerning the change in administrative borders of disputed lands.

Hasan Alawi book gives importance to Kirkuk

Hasan Alawi

Hasan Alawi, a high profile Iraqi intellectual and member of parliament politician on the White Iraqiya list, announced that he is busy with writing a new book on the Kurdish state.

UN envoy: Kirkuk to face new challenges after American withdrawal

Martin Kobler with Nejmadin Karim...Photo Kirkuk Governorate Media

The new envoy of the United Nations Assistant Mission of Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler, said that Kirkuk will face a new and different situation after the American withdrawal from Iraq.

Poisoned plants discovered in house

Kirkuk security checking the plants...Photo Kirkuk Security Media

In cooperation with Kirkuk security, the Drug Prevention Team in Kirkuk found a poisoned plant in a house in the Imam Qasm neighborhood.

Widow raises six children

Surria during her work...Photo Yasin al-Sab'awi

With every dawn, Surria checks the chicken cage and collects the eggs to sell them in Hawija.

Two incidents caused five casualties

Kirkuk City...Photo Karwan Salhi

A car accident on Kirkuk-Tikrit Road caused the deaths of two people and the injuries of another two. In an unrelated incident, a person was shot and seriously injured in Kirkuk city.

Kirkuk Arabs differ over Hawija becoming independent governorate

Hawija district...Photo Kirkuk Now

Muhamad Khidir al-Jabouri, member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council (KPC), believes that -contrary to the demand of many Arabs- Hawija’s becoming an independent province is disadvantageous to Arabs.

3 Kirkuki clubs to participate in Kurdistan Taekwondo Championship

Taekwondo Contest...Photo Kirkuk Now

  Three out of six Kirkuki clubs are going to participate in the Kurdistan Taekwondo Championship (KTC) on November 4th.

Turkmen demand return of former land

Turkmens protest...Photo Karwan Salhi

Over a hundred people took to the streets of Kirkuk on October 29, demanding the return of the ‘invaded lands’ to them.

AOCK warns of pollution in Kirkuk

Kirkuk Oil refinery...Photo Kirkuk Now

The Aso Organization to Clean Kirkuk Environment (AOCK) held a seminar on October 27 entitled:  ‘Together to a healthy environment far from pollution’.

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