PUK cadre murdered

Kirkuk...Photo Kirkuk Now

A sticky bomb exploded on the car of a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) which is one of the ruling parties of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Proposed Talabani project not in parliament

Talabani's meeting with governor and Salahadin Provincial Council members...Photo

An Iraqi MP says the proposed project by the president of the Iraqi republic Jalal Talabani concerning disputed areas has not yet reached parliament.

Biden expected to visit Kirkuk

Kirkuk city...Photo Kirkuk Now

Mahmood Osman, a member of the Iraqi parliament for the Kurdistani Alliance says Joseph Biden, the US vice-president may visit Kirkuk.

Barzani expects UN to take part in implementing Article 140

Barzani's meeting with Kopler...Photo KRG.org

Masoud Barzani, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan believes the full implementation of Article 140 can solve the issue of disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil.

Kirkuk FC wins their third match in the Iraqi Champions League

A scene from Kirkuk and Taj match...Photo Karwan Salhi

By winning against Taj from Baghdad, the Kirkuk Football Club won its third match in the fifth week of the Iraqi Champions League (ICL).

Kurdistan Handball Championship starts in Kirkuk

Kaiwan Handball Team-Kirkuk...Photo Karwan Salhi

The Kurdistan Handball Kurdistan (KHK) Championship has started in a closed hall in Kirkuk.  Three teams from Kirkuk are taking part in the competition.

500 students take part in demonstration

Kirkuk primary school students...Photo Kirkuk Now

In a protest against having three different shifts in their school, 500 students of the Musa bin Neir high school launched a demonstration in front of the Education directorate.

Government increases electricity price

Some power towers in Kirkuk...Photo Kirkuk Now

As the amount of electricity received in Kirkuk has been decreasing, the Kirkuk officials agreed to increase electricity from private stations, as well as raising the price.

Ashti celebrates its anniversary with play

A scene from the play...Photo Karwan Star

The Ashti Theatre Group (ATG) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a play entitled ‘I’ll become a minister’.

Three bombs cause one death, 13 injuries

One of the explosions in Kirkuk...Photo Kirkuk Now

Three explosions in the Ts’een neighborhood of Kirkuk have left one dead and 13 injured, including police officers.

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