Building a stable Iraq

By Nouri al-Maliki, Published: December 4 Baghdad We stand at the threshold of a monumental juncture in the Iraqi-American relationship. A great many sacrifices by the Iraqi and the American people have enabled Iraq to discard the squalid regime of Saddam Hussein and establish a free and democratic society. As American troops depart in accordance […]

Health employers taught Kurdish writing

A health employer while working...Photo Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk health employers took part in a ten-day course to learn Kurdish writing.

Youths trained to overcome differences

The workshop...Photo Karwan Salhi

Thirty youths took part in a workshop concerning how to overcome ethnic and religious differences, in an effort to spread peaceful coexistence among the different factions of Kirkuk.

Houses built without registration to be demolished

Kirkuk city...Photo Kirkuk Now

An order from the Kirkuk governor prohibits building new, unregistered houses, making people obliged to ask for permission from the Technical Department of the Kirkuk governorate before building houses.

Gathering condemns arrest of journalists

The gathering in fron of KJS building...Photo Karwan Salhi

Kirkuk journalists held a gathering to condemn the arrest and jailing of Turkey’s Kurdish journalists and demand their release.

Abductee released for 80,000 USD

Kirkuk city...Photo Kirkuk Now

A factory owner who was kidnapped last month has been released for 80 thousand USD ransom, a source from the Kirkuk Districts’ Police said.

Budget of provinces to be increased

Kirkuk city...Photo Karwan Salhi

According to the latest information, the Iraqi government will try to raise the budgets of the provinces, after the regional declarations by some provinces, the deputy chairman of Kirkuk Provincial Council (KPC) has said.

Religious clerics urged to help raise public awareness about bombings

Peope warned of bombings...Photo Kirkuk Now

The governor of Kirkuk urged religious clerics to give people information concerning how to prevent bombings while the police state that they have a plan to remove such events.

Nejmadin Karim profile

Nejmadin Omer Karim was born in 1949 in the Rashidawa neighborhood of Kirkuk.  He completed both primary and secondary school in Kirkuk.  After graduating from high school, Karim joined the Mosul University to study medicine, graduating in 1971.  One year later, he became a Peshmarga (Kurdish guerrilla). In 1976, Dr. Karim arrived in the United […]

Kirkuk Red Crescent director injured in bombing

An exploded car in Zab...Photo Kirkuk Now

A magnetic bomb blew up the car of the director of the Kirkuk Red Crescent (KRC)   on the night of December 27, causing him serious injury.

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