Issue of 4000 police to be solved within one month

Cheif of Kirkuk Police holds a press conference with security officials...Photo Kirkuk Now

Jamal Tahir, Chief of the Kirkuk Police said the issue of lowering the ranks of more than 4,000 police officers would be solved within a month.

MoT minister visits Kirkuk to build airport

Kirkuk city...Photo Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk Governor Nejmadin Karim said Hadi al-Amri, Minister of the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation (MoT) would visit Kirkuk to check on the plans for building a civilian airport here.

Kirkuk reconciles its fans

Kirkuk won against Masafi...Photo Karwan Salhi

Although Kirkuk FC had lost three matches, by winning against Masafi, Kirkuk reconciled its fans.

Makhmur wins against Khak from Kirkuk

The match between Khak and Makhmur...Photo Karwan Salhi

Khak FC from Kirkuk lost against Makhmur by three scores.

Over 4,000 commissioners lowered to police officers positions

The police protest...Photo Karwan Salhi

A number of Kirkuk Police Directorate (KTD) commissioners demonstrated against having their ranks lowered to that of ordinary police officers.

Kirkuk Traffic Directorate needs more police

Kirkuk city...Photo Kirkuk Now

The Kirkuk Traffic Directorate (KTD) demands employing 2,000 extra police officers.

Turkmen Front criticizes Article 140 committee performance

Kirkuk city...Photo Kirkuk Now

Qasi Mahmood Qazanchi, head of the Turkmen Front said, “The performance of the Article 140 committee is not at a good level.  They have not reported any legal or academic recommendations concerning the disputed areas issue to the Iraqi Council of Ministers.”

Hawlati Newspaper: Kirkuk Now reporter threatened

Shalaw Muahamad, Kirkuk Now reporter

Hawlati, a well-known Kurdish newspaper reports that following the publication of the article by Kirkuk Now on the corruption in the Kirkuk Provincial Council (KPC), reporter Shalaw Muhamad was threatened.

Aramo and Aso: We do not have any construction projects

Avin Aso and Aramo

After news was published on Kirkuk Now and some additional media outlets reporting that the television show presenters Aramo and Avin Aso are doing construction business in Kirkuk, they have denied such a claim.

Solavi Nwe wins against Peshmarga

A scene from the match between Solavi Nwe and Peshmarga...Photo Karwan Salhi

As part of the Kurdistan Clubs Basketball, Kirkuk’s Solavi Nwe played against Sulaimani’s Peshmarga.  Solavi Nwe won the match.

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