Membership in Provincial Councils to be reduced

Kirkuk City...Kirkuk Now

The Iraqi Parliament is to discuss a project to limit the authority of the Provincial Councils (PCs) and reduce membership as their numbers affects them in being ‘insufficient and not attending their offices’. 

Kirkuk Security: PM calls Peshmarga and Security forces legal

The press conference of the Security Forces and Peshmarga...Photo Karwan Salhi

Kirkuk Security held a press conference noting a paper issued by Iraqi MP Nuri Maliki calling the Security forces and Peshmarga in Kirkuk legal.

Kirkuk hospital water to be purified

Water purification equipment in Kirkuk Public Hospital

The director of the Kirkuk Public Hospital, Dr. Karim Wali, has announced a water purification project. 

Mine causes three casualties

The Kalur village in Shwan Township...Photo Karim Muhamad

A source from police department has reported that one person has died and two were left injured as a result of an explosion, with all three victims being brothers. 

Traffic signs written in Arabic and English

Photo: Karim Muhamad

Speed bumps built without permission

In order to slow down the cars, people build speed bumps randomly and without permission, but it leaves a bad effect and even has lead to some car accidents. 

Largest Sport City to be built in Kirkuk

One of the presented designs for the City

With a budget of 450 billion Iraqi dinars, the largest Sport City will be built on 150 acres of land in Kirkuk. The project has been approved by the Iraqi Council of Ministers. 

Electricity to be increased in summer

A power station in Kirkuk...Photo Kirkuk Now

The Kirkuk Electricity Directorate (KED) announced that the public power provision will be increased in the summer.

Land given to employees in Kirkuk districts

Kirkuk city...Photo Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk Municipality distributes residential lands to the employees of all the three districts of Kirkuk, Daquq, Dubis and Hawija.

Seminar held on cancer

Blood test section in the Kirkuk hospital...Photo Kirkuk Now

The Kirkuk Health Directorate (KHD) held a seminar to raise the awareness of medics about cancer on the Cancer Abolition Day.

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