Exam hall directors to be assigned according to consensus

The Kurdish Education director in Kirkuk says they have agreed with other factions to assign secondary and high school exam hall directors according to a consensus.  The exams are due to start next Saturday. 

Ziko announces the list of 24 players to play against Jordan

Ziko, Iraq FC coach

The Brazilian coach of the Iraqi FC announced his team in the match against Jordan FC in the Asia Qualification World Cup 2014. 

In photos: Harvesting season starts

Over 650 thousand acres of land were sown with grain, and 200 thousand tons of grain is expected to be received by Kirkuk silos.

Harvesting season has started in Kirkuk province, as three silos are taking the products of the farmers.  According to Agriculture Department, the harvest of Kirkuk is expected to reach 200 thousand tons. 

Koran reading in funerals costs 25.000 ids

The cost of reading verses of the Koran at funerals has reached 25 thousand Iraqi dinars, as no religious cleric is allowed to gain more. 

Kirkuk wins against Karkh FC

The Kirkuk FC won against Karkh by one goal against zero in the Iraq Champions League. 

24-hour-per-day electricity to be given

Firing officials with fake certificates, limiting the drinking of alcohol, CCTV’s, and electricity issues were some of the main subjects of discussion at the Kirkuk Provincial Council meeting where it was decided to increase the power provision to 24-hour-per-day in June. 

Car accident leaves one dead and two wounded

A driver died and two passengers were wounded when two cars crashed. 

Kirkuk women break silence

The women protest on March 8th - Photo Salam Ansari

Women’s Rights groups in Kirkuk are calling on the Federal Government to stop ignoring their requests and help them gain equality with men.

Insect repellants to be distributed

The Kirkuk Health Directorate is urging people to visit their office to receive much-needed insect repellants. 

Remains of 730 Anfal victims buried

  The remains of another 730 Kurdish people killed during Saddam Hussein’s Anfal massacres of the 1980’s have been returned to Northern Iraq for burial.

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