Parliamentary reprieve for media agencies in Iraq

Communication and Media and Commission

  Forty-four unlicensed media agencies who were to be closed down by the Ministry of Information have been granted a last minute reprieve by the Iraqi Parliament.

Governor promises compensation for bombing victims

The car explosion of Wednesday June 20 2012

On a visit to the location of the Qasir Kirkuk hotel bombing, Kirkuk governor Nejmadin Karim promised to compensate the victims of the explosion. 

MoE investigates chemistry exam

The exam was not postponed, although the questions were revealed

The chemistry exam for the third level-secondary school was given on June 26 when claims of the answers having been revealed beforehand were widespread.  The Monitoring Committee in the Ministry of Education has decided to investigate the case.

Closing 44 media agencies in Iraq condemned

The Iraqi Government decision to close down more than forty unlicensed media agencies in the country is being condemned by the Free Press Observatory in Iraq. 

275 plots of land to be distributed

Prde road

The Kirkuk Municipality is to distribute 275 plots of land to the returning refugees in Prde town. 

After seven years, Kirkuk Labours Syndicate elected for first time

Muncipality workers...Photo Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk workers elected their syndicate after seven years following the abolition of the former syndicate formed under the temporary Iraqi Governing Council after 2003. 

Electricity to be provided 24/7 in July

Kirkuk City…Photo Karwan Salhi

Hasan Torhan, chairman of the Kirkuk Provincial Council has promised that there will be 24-hours-per-day of electricity provision in July, as the price of private generators and fuel has been decided.

Improving education quality project started

Teachers in the training course for educational leaders

A five-day training course in the context of improving the quality of education in Iraq was held for some teachers. 

International football training course to be held

The match between Sawra and Peshmarga FC...Photo Ali Shahim

Under the sponsorship of the Iraqi Football Union, an international course will be held in Kirkuk. 

Police urge civilians to check their vehicles before driving

The car explosion of Wednesday June 20 2012

The deputy chief of the Kirkuk Police is urging people to be careful and check their vehicles before driving, “As to avoid explosions.” 

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