Passing rate higher among students

Kirkuk city

Sherzad Rashid, director of Kurdish Studies in Kirkuk Education said the passing rate is higher than last year.

144 former political prisoners to take housing aid

Kirkuk city

The director of the Kirkuk office of the Political Prisoners Organization said more than 140 former political prisoners will be given housing aid.

Political Observer: Baghdad-Erbil issue is on oil and not Article 140

A political observer says the issues between Baghdad and Erbil are on oil and not Article 140 or ethnic tensions.

Environment Directorate sues North Oil Company

North Oil Company...Photo Kirkuk Now

The Kirkuk Environment Directorate has raised a legal complaint against the North Oil Company (NOC) on the allegations of ‘polluting the environment’.

Peshmarga: We haven’t moved our forces

Peshmarga forces in Kurdistan ... Photo Karwan Salhi

A Peshmarga commander in Kirkuk says their forces have not moved in Kirkuk after the incident of Mosul between the Iraqi army and the Peshmarga, the Kurdish forces.

Environment Directorate: Kirkuk is free of radioactive pollution

Kirkuk City is free from radioactive pollution

The Kirkuk Environment Directorate has finished with the first phases of cleaning Kirkuk of radioactive pollution.

Election Commission work extended

Independent Higher Commission of Elections logo

The Iraqi parliament approved four laws and issued two decisions to extend the time of election preparations by the Independent Higher Commission of Elections.

Kirkuk Turkmens pleased with parliamentary decision

A scene from the press conference of Sunday

Turkmen representatives in the Kirkuk Provincial Council are pleased with the decision of the Iraqi parliament to formally recognize Turkmens as the third ethnicity in Iraq.

Turkmens formally recognized as third ethnicity

One of the protests launched by Turkmens

In its regular session, the Iraqi parliament decided to recognize the Turkmens as the third major component in Iraq.

Second-round of high school final exams to lose five grades

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided not to count five grades for those students of sixth-grade high school where they take the second round of exams.

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