Peace and Coexistence monument as a symbol of Kirkuk

Peace and Coexistence monument

Khalid Kaki, an artist, has been working on the Peace and Coexistence Monument for two years to make it the symbol of love, peace and coexistence.

Student with second highest grade yet to be employed

Qatar Hussein, Awene News

Qatar Hussein, who received the second highest grade at Kirkuk University, was not on the list of employed graduates issued by the Ministry of Education.

Governor asks aid from Doctors Without Borders

The meeting between Kirkuk governor and the envoy of Doctors Without Borders

Nejmadin Karim, the Kirkuk Governor welcomed an envoy of French physcians from Doctors Without Borders and asked them for aid in sending patients  abroad for treatment.

Over 500 refugee families registered in one month

A refugee family

The Migration Directorate in Kirkuk announced registering more than 500 refugee families in Kirkuk in August.

Dabagh: We support decentralism in modifying provincial law

Ali Dabagh, Iraqi government spokesman

Ali Dabagh, an Iraqi government spokesman said the Iraqi government has approved modifying the proposal law of provincial elections, number 21 of 2008 which was all ready amended previously.

People with thalassemia to be sent abroad

Anwar Sheikha's conference on thalassemia

The Kurdistan regional government has approved a request from the Kirkuk administration to send some people with thalassemia abroad for treatment.

Metro supports Kirkuk journalists

Metro Centre to defend journalists logo

Metro Centre to defend journalists support Kirkuk journalists and urge realization of their demands.

Send your videos to Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk Now logo

Kirkuk Now has opened a new ‘video’ section for readers.

Despite security plans, three explosions hit Kirkuk

One of the explosions...Photo Karwan Salhi

Although the police announced a new security plan before the Ramadhan feast, three planted bombs hit Kirkuk this morning August 29, killing four and wounding eight.

Kirkuk security arrests al-Qaida leader

Kirkuk Now Logo

Kirkuk security forces announced the arrest of an al-Qaida leader.

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