Kirkuk FC signs Cameroonian striker

Kirkuk Football Club signed a Cameroonian player and presented him in their home stadium on October 31. Jangiz Yassin, a member of the administration board of Kirkuk FC announced that they have signed a Cameroonian forward player named Aruna, and it is only the second time in the history of the club that they have […]

Drunk drivers to be fined

The Kirkuk traffic police department has decided to fine violators and seize the vehicles of those driving under the influence of alcohol.  Brigadier Omer Ja’afer, chief of the Kirkuk traffic police told Kirkuk Now “Before the Eid al-Adha, we decided to sue those drivers driving under effect of alcohol, and we applied the rule during […]

7,734 persons admitted to the hospitals

In the four-day period of the Eid al-Adha, 7,734 persons were admitted to the hospitals and have been given proper treatments while 274 infants were born. Sdiq Omer, general director of the Kirkuk Health Office told Kirkuk Now “7,734 persons visited the hospitals and health centres, with 1,948 of them being diagnosed with various diseases […]

Fourteen women file complaints for being subjected to violence

Fourteen women have filed complaints in the Daquq district, with four of them having received death threats while the other ten have been subjected to domestic violence.  Brigadier Kawa Anwar, chief of the Daquq police told Kirkuk Now “According to the statistics, in the past ten months, ten women were subjected to domestic violence and […]

Two natural gas pipelines to be built in Kirkuk

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has announced contracts have been signed with the Korean KOGAS company to build two natural gas pipelines between Kirkuk and Beji. Asim Jihad, spokesman of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil told Kirkuk Now “The total length of each pipeline is 110 km, and the project costs 128 million US dollars […]

“Tigris force is not welcomed”

We will not welcome the Tigris force and we reject its formation, said Najmadin Karim, the governor of Kirkuk. In his speech during the graduation ceremony of 807 police officers in course number 21 of police courses in the training camp of the Kirkuk Police Department on October 24, Najamadin Karim stated “We praise the […]

Week of domestic violence awareness to start

Women’s rights organizations are making preparations for the week of domestic violence awareness and requested again that their previous demands from the officials of the city be met. The week of domestic violence is set to begin on November 11 which is the day for awareness against domestic violence and will continue for a week […]

Al-Nujaifi’s proposals for election in Kirkuk are in vain

The components of Kirkuk are remaining insistent about their previous notions regarding the Kirkuk Provincial Council elections, while the attempts of the speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and UN envoy to convince them reach a common goal have not yet yielded the desired results.  Martin Kobler, the representative of the Secretary General of […]

They do sacrifices together, share them together

As the Greater Eid (Eid al-Adha) starts, the people of Kirkuk are doing their slaughters together and getting together, while one man says he will slaughter five sheep and give them to poor people. Hussein Karim, who is 46-years-old, says he slaughters a few sheep every Eid, and that “The rich people should do this […]

Lady manages library on her own

Nahla has been able to manage and direct the library of the Zab sub-district for more than three decades, and she often has been forced to spend her own money for the library.  Zab library lies 95 km southwest to Kirkuk city in one of the oldest cultural centers in the town, but despite the […]

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